"A lot of people know our story": Building Roots’ Ben and Cristi Dozier discuss the process of finding good clients

Ben and Cristi Dozier from Building Roots in an exclusive interview with Sk Pop (Image via HGTV)
Ben and Cristi Dozier from Building Roots in an exclusive interview with Sk Pop (Image via HGTV)
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Building Roots recently premiered on HGTV, featuring Ben and Cristi Dozier. The series follows the couple as they renovate buildings with a personalized touch. The husband-wife duo designs one-of-a-kind custom homes based on their clients' backgrounds and lifestyles.

Having been in the business for around 20 years, the couple has gained many clients and followers. This has also helped them build credibility as long-lasting relationships with clients spread their story and acquainted audiences with their work.

Their experience has helped Ben and Cristi garner many clients. But when it comes to working with clients on camera, everything changes. The show delves further into these topics.

In an exclusive interview with Sportskeeda, Ben and Cristi discussed their approach to finding the right clients, the show, and more.

Building Roots stars are familiar faces in the industry

Ben said they've built a stacked roster of clients and followers since they started the business around two decades ago. He shared:

"I think just the fact that our designs have been around for two decades now really helped many people know our story and know how we like to work."

Ben revealed that the channel made a casting call when they signed with HGTV for the series. He added that the show's producers helped find new clients.

He said,

"That's always just been a blessing. That we've always had a good source of of route clients."

Ben dove into the challenges of getting clients to work with them on camera

The couple opened up about their client screening process for the show. Ben said,

"Every client does have to go through a process with the network to agree to be on camera. And they go through the casting and they submit casting, which means they agree to be on TV and the network works with them on an agreement to be on TV and work with them."

The Building Roots star added that working in front of the camera with the clients was fun. He shared that since many of them are novices in entertainment, the production company stepped in to assist whenever needed.

"The production company was amazing working with the client and softening those fears. Everybody gets real humbled real quick when the cameras come out and you look at each other and you go with it and everybody has a good time and lots of laughs off the ground."

Ben shared that the production company worked closely with the clients to get them camera ready.

Building Roots airs every Sunday at 8/9 C only on HGTV. Readers can check local listings for more information

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