"Actually insane": Stray Kids makes history with its upcoming album, 5-STAR, surpassing 4.93 million pre-order sales

Stray Kids for their upcoming album, 5-STAR (Image via Twitter/@Stray_Kids)
Stray Kids for their upcoming album, 5-STAR (Image via Twitter/@Stray_Kids)

Stray Kids' pre-order sales for its upcoming third album, 5-STAR, took the spot as the highest pre-ordered album on Tuesday, May 30, surpassing its predecessor, SEVENTEEN's FML. With over 4.93 million copies sold before the album reached the market, the artist and their latest album made history by bagging more pre-orders than the 4.64 million sold copies of SEVENTEEN's FML.

While the eight-member K-pop boy group has already high expectations for its fans with the increasingly-intriguing album, 5-STAR, fans are all the more proud to learn about its new achievement. As they celebrate the news, they also consistently look forward to the exciting album and everything else it has in store for them.

Fans congratulate Stray Kids as latest work 5-STAR becomes the album with the highest pre-order sales

A few weeks ago, Stray Kids put forth the exciting news that it'll be rolling out its third album after over two years since last full-length album, NOEASY, which was released in August 2021.

5-STAR, which is slated for release on Friday, June 2, has already set high expectations and continues to excite fans as the music group puts forth concept images and teasers.

While the trailer revealed that the group will be developing its brand music, fans surely noticed a few experimental perspectives as revealed through the teaser videos. Though the album will be rolled out in association with JYP Entertainment and Republic Records, fans are excited to witness yet another self-produced album as 3RACHA presented themselves as the main producers of 5-STAR alongside Felix, Versachoi, Chang Kang-hae, etc.

The three Stray Kids' members -- HAN, Changbin, and Bangchan -- have produced several promising tracks for the group's discography that have inevitably earned it popularity in the industry. As fame and expectations for its musical productions continue to grow with each comeback, fans aren't surprised but only delighted to learn that the group's upcoming album, 5-STAR, has created a monumental achievement even before its release.

Sitting as the first fourth-generation artists to bag the spot holding the highest pre-order sales for their album, the group brought much pride to the industry and their fans. However, it doesn't stop there.

On the list of albums with the highest pre-order sales, two spots are taken by Stray Kids, the other one being previously released mini-album, MAXIDENT. The seventh mini-album bagged 2.37 million sales, making the group the only other artists who hold two spots on the list alongside the world-dominant K-pop group, BTS.

The twelve-track K-pop album, which features title song, S-Class or 특 (Teuk), is set to come up to 36 minutes and 35 seconds, standing as the group's longest-running album. With 5-STAR creating much anticipation among fans regarding its trajectory of concept, fans can hardly wait for its release which is expected in less than a week. Additionally, they also hope for more achievements and touchstone moments for the group as they move ahead with the album.

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