12 June K-pop comebacks to look forward to in 2023: Stray Kids' 5-STAR, ATEEZ's The World Ep. 2: OUTLAW, and more

Stray Kids and ATEEZ
Stray Kids and ATEEZ' album concept photos (Image via Twitter/@Stray_Kids, @ATEEZofficial)

With another month into 2023, the list of June K-pop comebacks anticipates fans with its exciting gathering of artists. While some will return with yet another promising album this June, other artists will showcase their new soloist dimension to their fans.

Unlike the earlier months of 2023, K-pop fans have got their hands full with the abundance of album and single releases this coming month. After May is spent away with hints, promotions, and teasers on the 2023 June K-pop comeback, fans are finally ready to witness what the artists have in store. With various genres being seen in the teasers, fans are eagerly looking forward to the album releases.

From Stray Kids to ATEEZ: Artists who'll be rolling out 12 exciting June K-pop comebacks

1) B.I


Kicking off the list of June K-pop comebacks is the soloist B.I with his second full-length album, TO DIE FOR. The album is slated for release on June 1, 2023, at 6 PM KST and includes double-title tracks. The two title tracks place its collaborators as Jessi and BIG Naughty for the tracks Die for Love and Dare to Love, respectively.

2) Q6IX

The three-member K-pop girl group Q6IX, who made its debut in September 2020, is also seated as one of many artists rolling out their June K-pop comebacks. Also rolling out their album release on June 1, 2023, the single C.C. will finally be revealed to fans after much wait and anticipation.

3) Stray Kids


One of the most anticipated June K-pop comebacks stands as Stray Kids' 5-STAR, whose promising discography only adds to STAYs' (their fandom name) excitement. The album, which will be placed as the group's third full-length album, thrills fans with its exciting concept and lengthy tracklist. With its release slated for June 2, 2023, at 1 PM KST, fans can hardly wait for its release.

4) NCT's Taeyong


The first member to roll out the solo debut from the now-20-member group is NCT's Taeyong. The idol announced that he'll finally be officiating his role as a soloist with the release of his first mini-album, SHALALA. The album is expected to roll out on June 5, 2023, at 6 PM KST, and its unique concept photos and teasers already have fans hooked.

5) fromis_9


Along with NCT's Taeyong, the eight-member K-pop girl group fromis_9 will also be seated among the list of June K-pop comebacks. With their first full-length album, Unlock My World, will also release on June 5, 2023, at 6 PM KST, and fans can't wait to hear a full-fledged album from the talented group. The album's title track is titled #menow.

6) 2PM's Wooyoung


Another soloist comeback from the crowd of June K-pop comebacks is 2PM's Wooyoung, who'll be releasing his third mini-album, OFF THE RECORD. The Japanese special album that comes along with a solo tour in the later months of 2023 already has fans excited with the release of its title track. With the full album releasing on June 7, 2023, fans can hardly wait to hear the album's entirety.

7) P1Harmony


Rolling out their sixth mini album is P1Harmony, another one of the much-anticipated releases from the list of June K-pop comebacks. The album, Harmony: ALL IN, is slated for release on June 8, 2023, at 6 PM KST, with its title track set as Jump. As the group continues to roll out exciting and intriguing tracks throughout their career, this comeback naturally excited K-pop fans.



Yet another eagerly-looked-forward-to-release from the list of June K-pop comebacks is ATEEZ's ninth mini-album, The World EP. 2: OUTLAWS. With its title track Bouncy (K-HOT CHILLY PEPPERS), fans are waiting for the album to be released on June 16, 2023. As the group grows its musical lore and intrigues fans with its refreshing comebacks, ATINY (their fandom name) can't wait to discover what's in store for them this time.

9) Kang Daniel


Kang Daniel, the soloist from the former group that was formed through Mnet's reality survival show Produce 101, Wanna One, is also another artist who is on the list of June K-pop comebacks. His album Prequel is slated for release on June 19, 2023, at 6 PM KST. With its teaser already intriguing his fans, they can't wait to witness yet another exciting release from him.

10) MONSTA X's I.M

Another group member who'll be rolling out their solo album on the list of June K-pop comebacks is MONSTA X's I.M. His album OVERDRIVE, whose title track has the same name as the album, is expected to release on June 23, 2023, at 6 PM KST. With his previous tracks proving his position as the group's main rapper, Monbebe (MONSTA X's fandom name) can't wait to witness it yet again with this comeback.

11) 8TURN


The rookie K-pop boy group 8TURN, who made their debut under MNH Entertainment in January 2023 with the album 8TURNRISE, will be making this first-ever comeback. Their upcoming album, Whose TURN?, is slated for release on June 26, 2023, at 6 PM KST. Given their promising debut album, fans have now set high expectations for this comeback.

12) GreatGuys

The last on the list of exciting June K-pop comebacks is GreatGuys' fifth mini-album, Luv Luv Luv, which is slated for release on June 18, 2023, at 12 PM KST. The group made its debut in 2017, after which it has excited fans multiple times with their comebacks, naturally setting high hopes for the upcoming album.

With quite an exciting and heavy list of June K-pop comebacks coming their way, fans have been highly anticipating and looking forward to their releases.

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