Stray Kids unveil exciting tracklist and schedule for 5-STAR: Two solo songs by HAN, Tiger JK feature, and more

Stray Kids reveal tracklist for full length album 5-STAR (Images via Twitter/Stray_Kids)
Stray Kids reveal tracklist for full length album 5-STAR (Images via Twitter/Stray_Kids)

On May 1, 2023, Stray Kids treated fans to the tracklist and schedule for their upcoming full-length album, 5-STAR. The art and graphics of the post were monochromatic and incorporated elements of the Milky Way, such as stars, planets, the sun, and more.

5-STAR will have 12 songs, only one of which was released before, i.e., Time Out (Mixtape: Time Out). Similar to their previous albums, the credits for Stray Kids’ upcoming album are also filled with 3RACHA mentions in lyrics, composition, and in some places, arrangement as well.

Some of the tracks fans are excitedly looking forward to are two songs written solely by HAN, titled GET LIT and COLLISION. The album’s fifth track, TOPLINE, features Tiger JK, a Korean-American rapper and entrepreneur who is the founding member of South Korea’s legendary hip-hop group, Drunken Tiger.

Stray Kids reveal much-anticipated tracklist and schedule for full-length album, 5-STAR

Stray Kids, one of the leading fourth-generation K-pop groups, broke multiple records with their last album, MAXIDENT. From topping the Billboard charts to adding their names to the best-selling artists’ lists, the eight-member group has been on an upward trajectory. After weeks of reports rumoring about a June comeback, the group released a trailer and a tracklist, building up hype for their upcoming album, 5-STAR.

The tracklist for 5-STAR, Stray Kids’ full-length album, includes 12 songs. Almost all the songs on the album are new, except THE SOUND (Korean Ver.), which was earlier released as a Japanese album of the same name, and TIME OUT, which was released last year. Take a look at the tracklist below:

  1. Hall of Fame
  2. S-Class
  3. ITEM
  4. Super Bowl
  5. TOPLINE (feat. Tiger JK)
  6. DLC
  7. GET LIT
  9. FNF
  10. Youtiful
  11. THE SOUND (Korean Ver.)
  12. TIME OUT (Mixtape: Time Out)

Known as self-producing idols, the group’s subunit, 3RACHA, consisting of Bang Chan, Changbin, and HAN, once again take up the majority of the songs’ credits. The group’s leader, Bang Chan, has one solo track, Youtiful. He has also written FNF alongside Felix and DLC with artist RESTART.

Meanwhile, Stray Kids have also released a promotional schedule for their upcoming album. It has a minimal design and does not give much detail about what the content will be. It only differentiates between the content being in a video or an image format. The exciting part of the schedule is the tease of a project releasing on July 1 and 2 - which is a month after 5-STAR’s release.

The schedule for Stray Kids’ 5-STAR is as follows:

  • May 8 - Video
  • May 10 - Photo
  • May 12 - Video
  • May 15 - Video
  • May 17 - Photo
  • May 18 - Video
  • May 19 - Video
  • May 22 - Video
  • May 24 - Photo
  • May 26 - Video
  • May 29 - Video
  • May 30 - Video
  • May 31 - Video
  • June 1 - Video
  • June 2 - MV and Album Release
  • July 1 and 2 - What's Next?

Fans will have to wait a few days before they can get a glimpse of the album. However, 5-STAR is open for pre-orders. The album will be released on June 2, 2023, at 1 pm KST.

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