"#TOLOISCOMING" trends as SM Entertainment announces the solo debut of NCT's Taeyong in June

NCT's Taeyong to make his solo debut in June (Image via Twitter/@NCTsmtown)

On May 3, 2023, it was announced that the leader and rapper of the twenty-three-member K-pop boy group, NCT's Taeyong, will be rolling out his first album, thereby making his solo debut. While the rapper has made several individual solo works with collaborations and K-drama OSTs, fans were excited to hear about a full-fledged album coming from the idol.

With NCT's Taeyong nearing the end of his preparation for the solo album, his debut album is expected to be released in early June. The media outlets that revealed this news also stated that multiple songs are expected to sit in the upcoming album, and he's just wrapped up filming the music video for the title track(s). Taeyong's album will be the first solo debut embarkation from NCT, and the news has made quite an impact on NCTzens (NCT's fandom name).

Fans go crazy over the announcement of NCT's Taeyong making the group's first solo debut in June 2023

Given that NCT's Taeyong has showcased various and a dimensional list of skillset throughout his remarkable career as a group member of NCT and as an individual artist, fans couldn't be more proud about the idol finally making his own solo debut. He has not just written, composed, and produced songs for NCT and other artists but has also excelled in other areas.

NCTzens would be aware that Taeyong is one of the main dancers of the group, which was the reason behind his recruitment into SM Entertainment. With quite an impressive history with his dance skills and the creation of choreographies, fans have many things to be excited about for his solo album.

While Taeyong's position stands as the rapper and dancer of the group, his solo works outside the group have always been explorative. This fact makes it all the harder for fans to speculate or pinpoint the kind of concept that the idol will be adopting for his debut. Regardless, given his long and promising discography over the years, fans have expectations quite high for his solo album.

Soon after the reveal of NCT's Taeyong solo album, the news trended over several social media platforms as fans continued to express their excitement and reactions to the same.

With NCT's Mark also having rolled out his solo single, Golden Hour in collaboration with NCT LAB on April 7, 2023, NCTzens have been quite a handful of content to catch up to. Given that Taeyong's soloist debut is not even a month away, fans eagerly await the same.

In other news, NCT's latest subunit, DOJAEJUNG, just made its debut on April 17, 2023. With their first mini-album, Perfume, the three members of the subunit - Jungwoo, Doyoung, and Jaehyun - have rolled quite successfully, with their title track and b-side tracks being well-received by the audience. They even bagged their first Music Bank win last week. With their promotions still ongoing, fans look forward to more success and wins with the album.

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