10 times NCT’s Taeyong proved he is a great leader

A still of the K-pop artist, Taeyong (Image via @NCTsmtown/Twitter)
A still of the K-pop artist, Taeyong (Image via @NCTsmtown/Twitter)

NCT’s Taeyong has proved himself to be an amazing leader time and again. However, a recent message from the K-pop idol has left fans thinking about the pressure he faces as the leader of a 23-member group.

On July 7, 2022, NCT 127 marked its sixth anniversary. The same day, the 27-year-old took to Bubble to express his feelings about the group and his role in it.

The idol revealed how difficult and tumultuous his journey has been. From facing constant pressure from SM Entertainment to being held responsible “if NCT fails,” he has had a strenuous time since their debut.

His emotional message issued forth various discussions regarding the K-pop industry and its competitive space. It also gave way to a Twitter trend #taeyongbestleader, where fans came in support of NCT’s Taeyong and his leadership skills.

In light of this, let’s take a look at a few moments where the NCT leader proved his incredible leadership skills.

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10 times NCT’s Taeyong’s leadership skills proved he is the ‘pillar of the group’

1) Stopped Doyoung from pestering Donghyuck

In a clip that showed Taeyong, Doyoung, and Donghyuck discussing various things before their pre-debut, Doyoung was seen playfully pestering Donghyuck. Noticing this, Taeyong, the observant leader, asked the former to stop.

He not only paid attention to what was happening but also took active measures to deal with it affectionately like a true leader.

2) Recorded messages for members

NCT's Taeyong has demonstrated that a great leader always looks out for their team. In one of the NCT World 2.0 episodes, he delivered emotional and heart-warming messages to his fellow members. This incident truly showcased his humbleness.

3) Hyped Mark for his vocals

NCT’s Taeyong leaves no opportunity to praise his fellow members, and his hyping up Mark while he was singing proves just that. While the latter was practicing his vocals in the studio, Taeyong sat outside, grooved to Mark’s vocals, and encouraged him.

4) Fixed Shotaro's mic

The NCT leader often goes out of his way to help his members. Whether it is enhancing one’s vocals, improving a dance move, or getting a music note right. One instance of him fixing Shotaro’s mic went viral in 2020, demonstrating the leader's kind demeanour.

He also provided the latter with some instructions to handle such technical faults, which fans found adorable.

5) Fed his maknae

NCT’s Taeyong is not just the leader but also the ‘mother’ of the group, according to fans. Especially adorable was this one instance where the leader was spotted feeding his maknae, Haechan and Jungwoo. This is a recurring theme in his personality, as he often feeds his members till they are full.

6) Gave rice to WINWIN

In one of the NCT Life episodes, Winwin asked Taeyong for some rice because Sicheng and Jaehyun messed up their rice. As a considerate leader, Taeyong straight up gave him some of his rice without a drop of hesitation.

Fans compared his affectionate actions to that of a compassionate mother and adored the leader for the same.

7) Brought ice cream for Winwin

In a NCT Life episode, Winwin desperately wanted ice cream but didn’t have enough money. Noticing Winwin’s woe, Taeyong convinced the producers of the show to buy some groceries for them.

Additionally, he also asked Winwin to get the ice cream he wanted, which showed how considerate and caring he is.

8) Concerned about Yuta's safety

The leadership abilities of NCT's Taeyong were impeccable even in the group's rookie days. One stood out to fans among a sea of numerous occurrences. That one instance where he texted Yuta to come back safely because it was late proves just how much he looks after each and every member.

9) Shifted spotlight to Jaehyun

A true leader shines through his members and gives them due credit. NCT’s Taeyong has also checked-marked this quality. During a concert, the leader reached out to his maknae, Jaehyun, held his hand, and brought him to the front. His selfless actions reflect how he wants every member to get recognition.

10) Cooked for the Ilichils

Apart from feeding the members, the NCT leader also loves to cook for them. In many episodes of the group’s reality show, he was seen taking part in preparing food for his bandmates. Taeyong cooking for Ilichils is just one moment where he showcased his love and admiration towards his members.

NCT’s Taeyong, without a doubt, is an incredible leader, and his actions are a testament to that. The members themselves praise the leader for being so supportive and encouraging. According to Mark:

“Taeyong is the pillar of NCT. As a younger member, I can learn a lot from him. He looks perfect and strong. He has a strong image.”

With Taeyong being admired by his members and fans alike, it’s impossible for haters to put him down in any manner. His leadership skills have and will remain remarkable.

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