5 K-pop idols who rocked mint green hair

K-pop idols have often aced the mint green hairstyle, including BTS' SUGA (Image via Agatha/Pinterest)
K-pop idols have often aced the mint green hairstyle, including BTS' SUGA (Image via Agatha/Pinterest)

K-pop idols have a tendency to dye their hair when a comeback is near and they want to show a fresh side to fans. Idols often select hair colors and styles to suit the concept of a song or album.

For example, BLACKPINK's Rosé dyed her hair a beautiful pink for the group's Lovesick Girls, which matched well with the aura of the song, lovestruck and defiant in equal measure.

Mint green and other shades thereof are not considered typical colors for hair, but the K-pop industry is known to subvert conventional styles with greater ease than the West.

Five K-pop idols who look the best in mint green hair

Known to represent prosperity and tranquility, there are few who can pull off mint green hair well. While the shade may not be the most natural, some idols carried it off like it was made for them.

Here are five such K-pop idols who looked amazing in mint green hair.

1) NCT 127's Taeyong

The NCT 127 member first dyed his hair in 2017, serving his brilliant visuals to fans at the MNet Asian Music Awards (MAMA) in a performance with Red Velvet's Seulgi that year in Hong Kong.

The SM Entertainment duo performed a sleek and sensual choreography, claiming the hearts of thousands of fans gathered there. Taeyong's hair especially stood out in this performance due to the black-and-white outfits of both K-pop idols. The fact that the SuperM member had a green lens in one of his eyes was the cherry on top of the cake.

2) BIGBANG's G-Dragon

YG Entertainment's BIGBANG was responsible for a lot of innovations in the K-pop world. The group would change their hair colors for their comeback promotions, a practice now considered standard in the industry.

G-Dragon, in particular, is known for his unique fashion and style sense that has inspired many third and fourth generation K-pop idols. The BIGBANG leader dyed his hair "highlighter" green for his BIGBANG's 2016 music video of FXXK IT from the 2016 album Made.

The album itself was pioneering in that it marked a shift in the group's sound from hip-hop to electronic music, with BIGBANG's well-known BANG BANG BANG. G-Dragon maintained his green hair while on tour, leading to the hairstyle being immortalized on camera by fans.

3) TWICE's Dahyun

TWICE is known for their bright concepts, and Dahyun's blonde-teal tresses in the teaser images for FANCY brings in a playful loveliness to the singer. The K-pop idol is fond of changing her hair color and style, and has confessed that her favorite hair color on her is blonde.

The two-toned blonde and green hair is a revelation on Dahyun, who adds in a bit of pluck which matches well with the concept of the dichotomy of fresh and bold as shown in FANCY.


Perhaps the most iconic hair color of the BTS rapper, SUGA's light complexion allowed the mint green to shine even more. He dyed his hair mint during the group's The Most Beautiful Moment in Life pt. 2 era, with SUGA rocking the color in the RUN music video.

The album marked the opening up of a bigger global market for the superstar K-pop septet. SUGA's hair was mint green when there was an influx of a large number of fans, and the style was christened "iconic".

During the promotions for BTS' Butter, SUGA was asked if he wanted to dye his hair mint or green in the future, but he seemed reluctant to do so. Knowing how members tend to surprise fans, however, the rapper's return to mint-green hair is not completely out of the question.

5) MOMOLAND's Nancy

With her mixed-heritage and soft features, MOMOLAND's Nancy is a K-pop idol who can pull off any hair color well. For the group's 2018 song BAAM, the singer dyed her hair a beautiful teal green, which set the tone for the song.

The singer's eyecatching hair color looked especially striking when paired with a traditional pink Korean hanbok, allowing the contrast to create magic. In another part of the video, Nancy is dressed in jean shorts and a red checked shirt, which complemented her green hair well.

Apart from being indicative of upcoming comebacks, K-pop idols also use colored hair as a means to express themselves. This allows the artists to push boundaries on traditionally accepted styles and be more reckless in their hair colors.

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