All K-pop groups that debuted in 2023 so far: MAVE:, 8TURN, and more

All the K-pop groups that debuted in 2023 so far (Image via Instagram/@mave_official_,@8turn.official)
All the K-pop groups that debuted in 2023 so far (Image via Instagram/@mave_official_,@8turn.official)

With only five months into the year, 2023 has already got a handful of K-pop groups that made their debut. Both female and male groups have rolled out their impressive debut, consistently adding to the remarkable reputation and attraction of the K-pop industry. Unlike any other, 2023 has been quite the experimentive year, where groups of various genres and kinds debuted, adding more dimensions than just pop to South Korea's music industry.

While most debuts prove to be relatively normal, the most unexpected debut was that of AI groups, MAVE: and PLAVE, which consists of AI-generated members. Additionally, K-pop groups that debuted this year also come from various parts of the world, expanding the global sector of the K-pop industry. With quite a long list to catch up with, here are all the groups that made their debut on the industry this year.

8TURN, THE7, MAVE:, and all other K-pop groups that debuted in 2023


The first on the list of K-pop groups that debuted in 2023 is HANA, an eight-member girl group housed under Artcompany SOUL. They made their debut on January 8 with the mini-album, BLA:ZE. Members of the group include Dasom, Yoonseo, Niya, Daeun, Yerum, Riha, Eunji, and Hyejun, and they all belong to the company's dance team, SOUL.


Debuting under AO Entertainment is PRIMROSE, consisting of two members, Ruby and Nahyun. The former three-member group that debuted on January 13 consisted of another member, Yeum, who left the group on March 23 due to health reasons. Their debut release was a mini-album titled RED MOON.

3) MAVE:

One of the most intriguing debuts from the K-pop groups is MAVE:, a virtual girl group that was created by Metaverse Entertainment. The AI-generated group members include members Siu, Zena, Marty, and Tyra, who made their debut on January 25.

The group's first single, PANDORA, became a viral hit and fans continue to be impressed by the full-fledged 3D production that created a K-pop group.

4) THE7

THE7, formerly known as SEVEN STARS, is a seven-member K-pop group consisting of both Korean and Thai members. The members, Opp, Pa, Yongkwon, Yunmin, Woochul, Peanut, and Yoyo, made their debut on January 29, with the single GET LOOSE.

5) BXB

The five-member boy group, BXB or Boy By Brush, is next in line with the many K-pop groups that made their debut so far in 2023. Consisting of Jhun, Hyunwoo, Siwoo, Hamin, and June, the group debuted on January 30 with their first mini-album, Flight and A New Beginning.

6) 8TURN

Previously known as BOM (Boys of MNH), 8TURN is an eight-member K-pop boy group housed under MNH Entertainment. The members, Jung Haemin, Cho Kyungmin, Lee Yungyu, Lee Seungheon, Ji Myungho, Moon Jaeyun, and Yang Minho debuted on January 30 with their mini-album, 8TURNRISE.

7) tripleS

Another one of the K-pop groups with intriguing concepts is tripleS, the first decentralized girl group where the 24 members will rotate between group, sub-unit, and solo activities.

The group is still currently in the process of revealing their members with Acid Angel, which debuted on October 28, 2022, and +(KR)ystal Eyes which was launched on March 17, as the first two sub-units of the group. tripleS debuted on February 13 with their first EP, Assemble.


LimeLight, a three-member girl group managed by 143 Entertainment, is the next in line among K-pop groups which debuted in 2023. The members, MiU, Suhye, and Gaeun, debuted on February 17 with the EP LOVE & HAPPINESS, after their pre-debut in September 2022.

LimeLight is a no-limit girl group whose lineup will continue to increase in the future.


HAWW or Heal All The World Wide is a seven-member boy group under Biscuit Entertainment. The group which consists of the members Jimin, Jeonggeun, Minyong, Chanyong, Louii, Juho, and Seobin debuted on February 23 with the mini-album, HOW R U.

10) A-plus


One of the three K-pop groups formed by South Korea's Howon University's K-pop Department is A-plus, housed under Azer Entertainment. The seven-member girl group consists of Lee Heeji, Baek Jihyun, Kim Jiyun, Song Hwanhee, Byun Subin, Kim Jamin, and An Soyeon. They debuted on March 2 with their single Candlelight.


Another one of the virtual K-pop groups that debuted this year is a five-member boy group, PLAVE, housed under VLAST Entertainment. The members, Noah, Bamby, Yejun, Eunho, and Hamin, debuted on March 12 with their single album, Asterum.

The name PLAVE comes from the amalgamation of Play and Reve (French for Dream).

12) QI.X

Formed under the independent label, Sweet Potato Productions, is the four-member K-pop girl group, QI.X. The group's lineup consists of Prin, Maek, jiGOOK, and YOURA, and they debuted with the single Lights Up on March 22, 2023.

QI.X, the group's name, stands for Queer Idols, and the X refers to infinity in various meanings, one of which is gender.



Next in line from the K-pop groups that debuted in 2023 is JUJU SECRET, a female duo group formed by the MBC variety show, Hangout with Yoo.

The group consisting of Park Jinjoo and Lee Mijoo debuted on March 25, with the digital single, Lonely Night. Their group name comes from the amalgamation of the common "Joo" in their names and a reference to the children's show, Secret Jouju.

14) xikers

Previously known as KQ Fellaz 2 during their pre-debut, xikers is a ten-member K-pop boy group managed by KQ Entertainment. The group's lineup consists of Minaje, Junmin, Sumin, Jinsik, Hyunwoo, Hunter, Junghoon, Seeun, Yujun, and Yechan. They made their debut on March 30 with their mini-album, HOUSE OF TRICKY: Doorble Ringing.

15) WE:A

WE:A is a four-member K-pop group signed to Madewell Music and KZ Entertainment. The members, Jeongkun, Ron, Kichun, and Z-UK, were former members of Bigflo. They made their debut in Japan on April 4 with their digital single, 24/7: Twenty-Four/Seven.

The group's former member, Eden, departed the group before their debut on June 15, 2022.

16) VI'ENX

Another one of the K-pop groups with the most recent debut is VI'ENX, a five-member boy group housed under NATURE SPACE. The group consists of Uin, JN, Younghoon, Yeung, and Wonjin, and they made their debut on April 16 with the album, On My Way.

17) X:in

Adding to the growing list of multinational K-pop groups is X:in, a five-member girl group housed under Escrow Entertainment. Debuting on April 11 with the digital single, Keeping with the Fire, the group consists of Roa, Chi.u, E.sha, Nova, and Aria. The last member is the second-ever Indian K-pop idol in the industry.


The fifth and last sub-unit of NCT is NCT DOJAEJUNG, formed and managed under SM Entertainment. Doyoung, Jaehyun, and Jungwoo are the members of the group, which debuted on April 17. Their first mini-album, Perfume, consisted of five songs and was quite well-received by fans.

19) CMDM


Housed under the Command The-M Entertainment is CMDM, a six-member boy group. The group's lineup consists of Choi Byunghoon, Kim Hyunhah, Oh Junhyoung, Chae Heeju, Lee Nohyul, and Kim Seungho. They debuted on April 27 with their single album, BACK TO THE FUTURE.

20) +(KR)ystal Eyes

As one the many K-pop groups under the decentralized group, tripleS, is +(KR)sytal Eyes, a three-member subunit. The members, Yoon Seoyeon, Kim Chaeyeon, Lee Jiwoo, and Kim Soomin, debuted on May 4, with their mini-album, AESTHETIC.

21) ADYA

The last on the list of K-pop groups that debuted in 2023 is ADYA, a six-member girl group managed by Starting House Entertainment. The group, previously known as Starting Girls, consists of Seowon, Sena, Seungchae, Chaeeun, and Yeonsu. They made their debut with the single album ADYA on May 9.

With over eight months left in 2023, fans are excited and intrigued to witness the other K-pop groups who are set to make their debut.

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