Meet the 10 members of xikers aka KQ Fellaz 2 ahead of their debut

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xikers is the K-pop boy group that ATEEZ's agency KQ Entertainment has been teasing since August 2022. (Images via Twitter/ @spooky_dwaekki)

KQ Entertainment (KQE), best known for managing ATEEZ, recently launched social media accounts for their newest K-pop group, xikers. Previously known as KQ Fellaz 2, the group has been active with pre-debut tracks and KCON appearances for over six months. Their debut is much anticipated, considering the success that ATEEZ has had in just five years.

The KQ Entertainment-led group, which has ten members, most of whom are from South Korea, will make their debut soon, with the agency announcing a date of February 26, 2022.

Still, the release of an IDENTITY FILM that looks at how the members' identities are flexible and the lore that connects to the music they make as part of the dectet is sure to tie all of their music together.

All you need to know about the ten members of the K-pop boy group xikers


KQ Entertainment's decision to map out the journey that the team will take even before its official debut has been touted by fans as ''purposeful with a clear direction in mind.''

Many comparisons with ATEEZ have arisen, but it is clear that the new group will have its own storyline and unique music to differentiate them from their industry seniors.

1) Minjae

The charismatic leader of xikers, Minjae, is the main rapper, sub-vocalist, and center as well. Despite being the shortest in the group (he is five feet seven inches), the leader is known to be better at deadlifting and jumping higher than anyone else on the team.

The 19-year-old member also assists in composing songs for the group, with his piano and guitar playing skills coming in handy for the same.

2) JunMin

The second eldest member and main dancer of the group, JunMin, is known for his athletic abilities as much for his love of music.

The 19-year-old hails from Seoul's Jungang-gu and became a trainee after being impressed by a video of a singer posted by a friend.

3) Sumin

The main rapper and lead dancer of xikers, Sumin is a self-proclaimed fashion chameleon who changes his clothing style and choices often. He was bitten by the performance bug after getting a chance to perform in Seoul.

He is expected to contribute significantly to the group's international interviews due to his ability to speak English quite effectively.

4) Jinsik

With his striking features and effortless stylistic sense, Jinsik is both the 'face' and the main vocalist of xikers.

Considering NCT to be his inspiration, the 18-year-old was born in Incheon, close to Seoul.

5) Hyunwoo

Another member with the main vocal position in the group, Hyunwoo became interested in music after joining a band and becoming its lead vocalist.

He is confident in his ability to speak Japanese and English and had the shortest trainee period among all the xikers members.

6) Junghoon

Seventeen-year-old Junghoon loves to sing and dance, and his position as the lead vocalist of xikers is a testament to his skills in the same.

Like many of the members already mentioned, he is also athletic, even winning medals for track events in school.

7) Seeun

A native of Dalseo-gu, Daegu, Seeun has loved music (especially hip-hop and pop) since he was a child.

Apart from his position as the sub-vocalist and sub-rapper in the group, Seeun also happens to be the lead dancer and is sure to dazzle fans with his moves. He can speak Japanese and English, in addition to Korean.

8) Hunter

Thailand has a knack for producing some of the best dancers in K-pop, and xikers' main dancer Hunter is the latest addition to the list.

Apart from dancing, the seventeen-year-old Thai idol was a golf prodigy, even winning medals for the same when he was ten.

Another polyglot from the group, Hunter can speak Korean, Thai, Japanese, and English.

9) Yujun

A sub-vocalist and visual member of xikers, Yujun loves to listen to music and watch dramas in his free time.

Like a lot of the members, he has been athletic throughout his early years, with swimming being his sport of choice.

Yujun shares his birthday with Hunter, and the two members are close because of how similar they are.

10) Yechan

The maknae of xikers, Yechan occupies the position of the main dancer and rapper.

Prior to becoming a trainee with KQ Entertainment at the age of fourteen, the seventeen-year-old participated in the show Under Nineteen but was eliminated in the final episode.

Yechan first became interested in music when he learned how to play piano and saxophone with his sister when he was a child.

A few days after launching the group's official social media accounts on various websites, KQ Entertainment announced that xikers' debut single, TRICKY HOUSE, would be released on February 27. It is certainly exciting to see the direction that this rookie group will take if ATEEZ's journey can be taken as a blueprint for them.

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