K-pop comebacks to enjoy in February 2023

SEVENTEEN's BSS aka BooSeokSoon made a comeback with Second Wind on February 6, 2023. (Image via Twitter/ @pledis_17)

With groups like TOMORROW X TOGETHER making their K-pop comeback in January, the start of the year has already been pleasant for fans of Korean music.

Nevertheless, January 2023 has already flown by, and we are now well into the month of February.

From Epik High's newest EP to Japanese albums by groups like Stray Kids, the month of love is sure to bring brilliant and diverse music for enjoyers of all genres.

With some unexpected collaborations and long-awaited subunits also coming up with new music, the February K-pop releases (updated as of February 23, 2023) are sure to find themselves in the playlists of true K-pop conniessuiers and casual listeners alike.

K-pop comebacks that you cannot miss in February 2023

1) Epik High

Date: February 1

Project: Strawberry (EP)

Tablo, the leader, made the surprise announcement in January, followed by revealing incredible yet surprising collaborators like Jackson Wang and Hwasa on the EP.

The Korean hip-hop trio is all set to perform Strawberry on their All Time High Tour in Europe and North America, which began on February 6. Tablo has been using his personal Instagram and Twitter to promote the EP with memes in English and Korean, and fans who were reasonably excited about the new music seemed to love both the songs and Epik High's unique promotional strategy.

2) TVXQ!

Date: February 1

Project: PARALLEL PARALLEL (Japanese single album)

The veteran musical duo released a Japanese single on February 1, making their first K-pop comeback in about a year.

Currently composed of U-Know Yunho and Max Changmin, TVXQ! gained recognition for their song MIROTIC in 2008, which was at one point considered too controversial for Korean television.

3) Taeyeon (Girls' Generation) with NAUL

Date: February 2

Project: Nights Into Days (single)

Taeyeon, one of the industry's best female soloists, made her comeback with Nights Into Days, produced by NAUL. Technically, though, this is not the vocalist's K-pop comeback, but the producer's.

He praised the legendary singer, saying that she was the "kindest person" he met recently and that she had an "irreplaceable voice."

4) Yoseob (Highlight) as part of the YAOKI Project

Date: February 5

Project: Again, goodbye (single)

The YAOKI Project is a concept that attempts to tell the story of a cat from outer space who is learning human feelings and emotions by means of the universal language of music.

On February 5, Highlight Yoseob (Yang Yo-Seob) made his K-pop comeback with a song about a relationship ending, and how people eventually get used to these new emotions as the past eventually dims from the mind.


Date: February 6

Project: SECOND WIND (single album)

Six years after the release of their first single, SEVENTEEN's sub-unit BSS made a bombastic comeback on February 6, 2023, with their album SECOND WIND.

The title song, Fighting (feat. Lee Young Ji), in particular, was heavily promoted by means of a TikTok/Reels challenge which included participants like BTS' SUGA, all SEVENTEEN members, and TWICE's Jihyo and Momo.

6) NCT Dream

Date: February 8

Project: Best Friend Ever (Japanese single album)

After releasing successful and catchy Korean music, NCT Dream made their Japanese language debut with the song Best Friend Ever.

The K-pop comeback took place on February 8, more than a week prior to the group's 3-day Osaka concert which was part of the NCT DREAM TOUR 'THE DREAM SHOW2: In A DREAM'.

7) Key (SHINee)

Date: February 13

Project: Killer (Repackaged album)

SHINee's Key released a reissued version of Gasoline on February 13 titled Killer, including the title track of the same name.

The K-pop comeback album further explores the themes of horror, first introduced in the singer's EP, Bad Love, while including some autobiographical elements.

With multiple songwriting credits to Key himself, Killer shows the 31-year-old musician's progress since his first solo venture.

8) tripleS

Date: February 13

Project: ASSEMBLE (EP)

With the concept of rotating members within sub-units and the main group, tripleS made their debut in 2022. They made a K-pop comeback on February 13 with their debut EP, ASSEMBLE, which featured the announced twelve members except for Kotone and Yeon-ji. The title track, Rising, is about overcoming hardships and rising above to achieve the success one desires.


Date: February 14

Project: Teddy Bear (Single album)

All-female group STAYC recently made a K-pop comeback with Teddy Bear on February 14.

The album includes a Korean version of their Japanese hit, Poppy. This marked the group's first Korean album release since the announcement that members J and Yoon would not be appearing for the 2022 CSAT examinations.

10) TRI.BE

Date: February 14

Project: W.A.Y. (EP)

After their last single album in 2021, TRI.BE released their sophomore EP, W.A.Y. on February 14, 2022.

This K-pop comeback in general, and the title track, WE ARE YOUNG, in particular, is a celebration of being young and carefree, without worrying about tomorrow.


Date: February 14/17

Project: Love & Happiness (EP)

Since their lineup was announced in 2022, LIMELIGHT has become a group to watch out for. With an "expanding policy" as to the number of members in the group, they have 3 members presently who made their official debut with HONESTLY, the pre-release track to their EP which was released on February 17.

This marks LIMELIGHT's first K-pop comeback since they released a pre-debut album in September 2022.

12) Jay B (GOT7)

Date: February 14

Project: Seasonal Hiatus (Special Single Album)

GOT7's leader Jay B released his first special single album, Seasonal Hiatus, on February 14.

With three tracks and a number of special items to accompany the album, many fans believe it was his way of saying goodbye before enlisting for military service.

13) OnlyOneOf

Date: February 15

Project: chrOme arts (EP)

OnlyOneOf made their K-pop comeback with a Japanese language EP, wherein the title track, chrOme arts, was released on January 23, and the rest of the album on February 15.

The eponymous song has the same vibe as the group's previous songs like Libido and Vibez, with a blurring of boundaries between typically masculine and feminine moves.

14) TNX

Date: February 15

Project: Love Never Dies (EP)

P Nation's TNX returned to the K-pop scene with the EP Love Never Dies, which featured the single "Love or Die."

The Korean boy group made a departure from the hardcore style that defined their debut, instead focussing on their sentimental side by exploring first loves.

15) The Boyz

Date: February 20

Project: BE AWAKE (EP)

All-male group The Boyz made their K-pop comeback on February 20, 2023, and are currently promoting their EP BE AWAKE on various music shows.

The title track, ROAR, is a thrilling addition to their diverse discography, with R&B-inspired notes and a foot-tapping beat. Their music rarely disappoints, and The Boyz once again proved why they are among the top fourth-generation groups with this album.

16) CLASS:y

Date: February 22

Project: TARGET (Japanese single album)

Ahead of their fan concert in Japan, the girl group made a K-pop comeback with their single album TARGET.

It was also revealed that CLASS:y would be taking part in their third survival show, The Next - Battle of the K-Pop Girl Groups, since their debut.

17) Stray Kids

Date: February 22

Project: THE SOUND (Japanese Studio Album)

Fourth-generation superstar group Stray Kids released their first full-length Japanese album on February 22.

Titled THE SOUND, including the lead single of the same name, the album contains Japanese versions of their hit Korean songs on it, apart from fresh tracks. Stray Kids members have participated in different aspects of making the album.

Apart from the above-mentioned groups, 2021-debuted PURPLE KISS also made its K-pop comeback in 2023, releasing the EP Cabin Fever on February 15. These February comebacks have surely emblazened one's ears due to their variety of concepts and styles.

March will bring even more interesting K-pop comebacks for fans to enjoy, with everyone from BTS' Jimin to EXO's Kai, TWICE, and many more Korean artists bringing forth new music.

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