Who is LIMELIGHT? All you need to know about the pre-debut girl group

A still of the three-member girl group LIMELIGHT (Image via Twitter/@limelightseoul)
A still of the three-member girl group LIMELIGHT (Image via Twitter/@limelightseoul)

143 Entertainment’s first-ever girl group, LIMELIGHT, is the new talk of the K-pop industry. The three-member band released their pre-debut title track, Starlight, on September 27, 2022.


In July 2022, 143 Entertainment officially announced the introduction of its first girl group, following which Gaeun, MiU, and Suhye were introduced as members on August 12, 2022. On August 16, they further brought to light the many plans they have for LIMELIGHT, including the announcement of a reality show titled Lululala.

Additionally, the group is set to release its pre-debut mini-album on September 29, 2022, before making its official debut in January 2023.

All about 143 Entertainment’s first-ever girl group LIMELIGHT

Members Gaeun, MiU, and Suhye (Image via Twitter/@Limelightseoul)
Members Gaeun, MiU, and Suhye (Image via Twitter/@Limelightseoul)

Social media is flooded with news of LIMELIGHT getting ready to step into the K-pop world. The trio group, though extremely rare in the industry, is unique in many ways. The agency has taken into consideration an ‘expanding policy’ in terms of number of members. Like the 23-member band NCT, the K-pop girl group also does not restrict the number of members that can be recruited into the band.

According to the group’s agency, 143 Entertainment:

“Although they are starting off as a trio girl group, since they are open to expanding their group in size, nobody knows when and how they will end up being in the near future.”

Furthermore, the girls, Gaeun, MiU, and Suhye, have their own reality show titled Limelight’s Lululala. Consisting of a total of 10 episodes, the members take the audience on the group’s pre-debut journey and give a glimpse into their dreams and aspirations.

Get to know LIMELIGHT’s holy trinity

1) MiU

Birth name: Ito Miyu

MiU used to model for the Japanese magazine PopTeen and has been supported by the Japanese MZ generation through modeling and SNS activities. She has won several awards to her name, including the PLUS Award, the Tokyo Girls Audition 2018 Popteen Award, and the ABEMA TV Award.

The 19-year-old also participated in Mnet’s reality competition Girls Planet 999 and has starred in lol’s BOYFRIEND and GENERATIONS’ BIG CITY RADIO music videos. MiU revealed K-pop queen IU to be her role model in a Naver interview.

2) Suhye

Birth name: Kim Su-hye

Suhye rose to fame after her appearance on MBC’s reality show My Teenage Girl. She is a former SM Entertainment and Pocketdoll trainee and was announced as a 143 Entertainment trainee on April 15, 2022. Like MiU, she also has her favorites in the K-pop world and she is immensely inspired by the six-member girl band OH MY GIRL.

3) Gaeun

Birth name: Oh Ga-eun

Announced as a 143 Entertainment trainee on September 12, 2021, Gaeun has previously modeled for world-renowned American designer Alexander Wang. The 16-year-old attended the IB Practical Music Academy in South Korea and has also learned from YGX’s Dowoo for 2 years.

The LIMELIGHT rookie draws her inspiration from HyunA and BLACKPINK’s Jennie, as revealed in a Naver Interview dated September 27, 2022. She said:

"Jennie sunbaenim shows a lot of charm beyond being pretty, she has her own aura."

Gaeun reportedly fosters close relations with fellow labelmates Kep1er’s Mashiro and Yeseo.

The announcement of the three-member girl group LIMELIGHT has stirred up music enthusiasts. The rookies have garnered a positive reception for their pre-debut music video and have earned massive support online. The band's two releases, Starlight and Eye To Eye, are testament to their talent and skills which bind hope and excitement for their official debut in January 2023.

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