10 highly underrated K-pop rookie groups you should know about

A still of the K-pop boy band TEMPEST (Image via @@TPST__official/Twitter)
A still of the K-pop boy band TEMPEST (Image via @@TPST__official/Twitter)

It often becomes difficult for K-pop rookie groups to carve out a name for themselves, given the competitive nature of the music industry. Some groups do not get the desired spotlight that can place them high on various platforms and charts.

K-pop rookie groups showcase immense hard work in building a reputation for themselves and thus deserve appreciation and praise. Let’s take a look at 10 highly underrated K-pop rookie groups.

10 highly underrated K-pop rookie groups that deserve better


The three-member girl band, VIVIZ, debuted on February 9, 2022, with the extended play Beam of Prism and Bop Bop! as the title track. The group's name comes from two separate words, “VIVId” which means clear, and “dayZ,” denoting 'days.'

It was formed by BPM Entertainment and has Eunha, SinB, and Umji as the members. The group registered their first win on Show Champion just seven days after the release of Bop Bop!

2) Rocking Doll

Rocking Doll made its official debut on December 19, 2021, with the single Rocking Doll. The band charted in the top 50 most popular K-pop girl groups in December 2021 and January 2022.


The members Roa, Ahri, Juri, and Rena, are incredibly talented and have appealing visuals. Rocking Doll, the first K-pop group named under SRP Entertainment, also has an official fandom name, Nova.


This South Korean boy band debuted on March 2, 2022, and is one of the most promising bands in the music industry. Its first debut mini-album, It's Me, It's We, with the lead single Bad News, was much acclaimed.


The seven-member band is under Yue Hua Entertainment. The members are Hanbin, Hyeongseop, Hyuk, LEW, Hwarang, Eunchan, and Taerae, who are highly talented performers.

4) ILY:1

The six-member band debuted on April 4, 2022, and has begun to showcase the group's many skills. Their debut single album, Love in Bloom, with the lead single of the same, is a fantastic start for a rookie group.


ILY:1 is currently under the label FC ENM. The members Elva, Rona, Hayase Hana, Kishida Ririka, Chang Ching, and Lee Yoon Ji are brilliant artists who deserve more praise for their artform.

5) Xdinary Heroes

Xdinary Heroes is under the JYP Entertainment label, Studio J, and debuted on December 6, 2021, with Happy Death Day. The name is an abbreviation of "Extra Ordinary” and comprises Gunil, Gaon, O.de, Jungsu, Jun Han, and Jooyeon.

The six-member South Korean boy band charted #4 of 43 on The Best New K-pop Group Debuts of 2021 but continues to be underrated by the majority of K-pop stans.

6) Black Level

Placed under VT Entertainment, the six-member boy band debuted on February 26, 2022. The group’s debut mini-album New-Start’s single Infection is a fantastic track.


The group members, Younghoon, Taeyoung, Intae, Uin, Ze:U, and Hosu, are promising performers with many skills and expertise.


TRENDZ is a seven-member boy band under Interpark Music Plus. They made their debut with a mini-album, Blue Set Chapter 1. Tracks with TNT (Truth & Trust) as the lead single.


The South Korean artists, Havit, Eunil, Hankook, ra.L, Leon, Yoonwoo, and Yechan, debuted on January 5, 2022. They have recently announced their second mini-album, Blue Set Chapter 2. Choice.

8) TAN

TAN debuted on March 10, 2022, with its mini-album Limited Edition '1TAN'. The lead single Du Du Du is a very groovy track and should be showered with more love and appreciation.

The seven-member South Korean boy band is under Think Entertainment and formed through Wild Idol, the MBC survival show. Their name is an acronym for "To All Nations" and comprises Changsun, Taehoon, Jaejun, Hyunyeop, Jiseong, Sunghyuk, and Jooan.

9) H1-KEY

H1-KEY debuted on January 5, 2022, under Grandline Group (GLG). The three-member South Korean girl group released their debut single album Athletic Girl which was subjected to some praise but deserved more.

The group initially had four members Seoi, Riina, Yel, and Sitala. However, in May 2022, Sitala parted ways.

10) Billlie

This K-pop rookie group debuted with the extended play (EP) The Billage of Perception: Chapter One on November 10, 2021.

They also released their second mini-album, The Collective Soul and Unconscious: Chapter One, with the lead single GingaMingaYo (The Strange World).

The seven-member band is under MYSTIC Story and comprises Moon Sua, Suhyeon, Haram, Tsuki, Siyoon, Haruna, and Sheon, who joined the group later on November 19, 2021.

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