8TURN’s agency denies bullying allegations against Myungho and warns of strict actions against slander

8TURN's Myungho (image via @ 8turn.official/Instagram)

Rookie K-Pop boy band 8TURN’s management agency MNH Entertainment issued a statement denying all allegations of bullying levied against Myungho. In the statement, the agency established its zero-tolerance against false allegations and slanderous claims against its artists by announcing its decision to pursue legal action against the perpetrators.

On Wednesday, February 8, MNH Entertainment posted on the official fan cafe of 8TURN that anyone who is found to be peddling false information, defamatory rumors, and malicious comments against Myungho or any other artist of the agency will be dealt with strictly and will face legal action.

Statement by MNH Entertainment (image via @8TURN/cafe.daeum.net)
Statement by MNH Entertainment (image via @8TURN/cafe.daeum.net)

The announcement comes after a recent bullying controversy embroiled Myungho. A person whose identity remains undisclosed posted on social media that they were the idol’s classmate.

The anonymous person claimed that back in high school, the idol and his group of friends subjected them to verbal bullying. The allegation claimed that the alleged victim never received an apology from Myungho.

Although it had been seven years since the incidence of bullying, the person claimed that they were still suffering from trauma and were undergoing medical treatment for various mental health issues.

More about the agency’s statement on 8TURN’s Myungho’s bullying controversy

The rising K-Pop boy band 8TURN is in the limelight once again. The group’s idol Myungho finds himself embroiled in a bullying controversy. However, a swift response by the group’s agency MNH Entertainment has warded off the severe damage that such a controversy could have caused.

At the very onset of the statement, the agency clarified that upon hearing about the allegations, it conducted its own investigation to get to the bottom of the matter and ascertain the veracity of the allegations. The statement read:

“Hello, this is MNH Entertainment. Recently, false information, including malicious slander, has been circulating online about our artist 8TURN’s Myungho. After confirming the information and cross-verifying the facts through various sources, it is clear that the content posted online is false, which is damaging the reputation of our artist.”

After confirming that the allegations were false and maliciously levied against the artist to ruin his and the rookie K-pop group's reputation, the agency announced that it would pursue legal action against the perpetrators. The statement continued:

“Therefore, we are currently taking legal action by requesting a legal representative to protect our artists from malicious posts such as defamation, malicious slander, and the spread of false information.”

The statement did not end with this denial of claims and the announcement of legal action. It established that MNH Entertainment’s approach to all forms of false, slanderous, and malicious comments and allegations against its artists is not soft.

The statement added that the agency will swiftly respond to such damaging actions with strict legal consequences, as its priority is its artists' well-being and reputation. The statement read:

“From here on out, we will hold those who upload [malicious posts] online without prior fact-checking liable and will take strict measures with no leniency to ensure strong legal punishment for those who publish malicious interpretations, posts, and comments beyond mere expression of opinion. MNH Entertainment will do its best to protect our artists in the future.”

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