“Just pure silence” - Fans confused as fromis_9 go radio silent on Weverse and Instagram amidst March comeback reports 

K-pop girl group fromis_9
K-pop girl group fromis_9's lack of communication concerns fans (Image via Instagram/officialfromis_9)

Fans of K-pop girl group fromis_9 are currently demanding answers from PLEDIS Entertainment on the whereabouts of the group.

Netizens have noticed a sudden lack of communication from the eight-member group on multiple social media platforms. Their last post on Weverse was on February 24 and the last photos on their personal Instagram accounts were also uploaded about a month ago.

In contrast, the group’s official Twitter account has been actively sharing posts related to their YouTube channel. However, YTN, a South Korean news outlet, reported on February 13 that the group was scheduled to make a comeback in mid-March and had already finished filming a music video.

Fans’ worries have increased considering the unexplained silence on all social channels of the group with no comeback update in sight.

Fromis_9’s fandom demands answers from PLEDIS Entertainment as they notice girl group’s lack of communication online

As per multiple reports, the group was scheduled to make its first eight-member comeback (after Jang Gyuri’s departure last year) in mid-March. Fans have raised multiple concerns regarding the group's lack of presence on social media and are demanding answers from PLEDIS Entertainment.

Since the comeback was scheduled for March, fans waited with bated breath to see the group’s agency, PLEDIS Entertainment, post content hinting at fromis_9’s comeback. However, netizens noticed that the members have hardly posted on their Instagram accounts for over a month.

Jiwon and Chaeyoung’s last post was a month ago, while Hayoung, Jiheon, Seoyeon, and Jisun last updated their Instagram profiles five weeks ago. Saerom’s last post was six weeks ago whereas Nagyung’s last update came seven weeks ago.

Several fans took to social media as they questioned the silence from the group and its members.

The group’s official Twitter and YouTube accounts seem to be the only social media platforms that are active. The Twitter account also only reshares and informs fans about the artists’ YouTube content series.

Additionally, news outlets reporting on fromis_9’s comeback was just the tip of the iceberg as fans also found other traces reminiscent of K-pop comebacks.

As one fan pointed out in January, Saerom had posted a photo with a new hair color, Chaeyoung had cut her hair short, Jiheon had bangs and the group’s official channel had even introduced their official lightstick - the first one since their debut five years ago.

Fans deduced that the group will make a comeback around Jiwon’s birthday, i.e. March 20. However, there were neither any posts hinting at a music release nor were there any announcements of Jiwon’s birthday livestream - which is an important part of both the idol and a fan’s life.

Additionally, fans also pointed out that the Stay That Way singers often used Weverse to communicate with fans. However, the last post on the platform was nearly a month ago.

The Stay This Way girl group fromis_9 seems to have gone off Weverse and Instagram during the time they were supposed to make a comeback. The group’s last release was approximately nine months ago in July last year with their fifth EP From Our Memento Box.

Fans have been raising concerns about fromis_9's silence for quite a few days. However, PLEDIS Entertainment is yet to release a statement on the matter.

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