5 most stunning K-pop lightsticks

ARMYs waving ARMY Bombs at a BTS concert (Image via @960201r/Twitter)
ARMYs waving ARMY Bombs at a BTS concert (Image via @960201r/Twitter)

K-pop lightsticks are a way for fans to show support for their favorite artist. Every group and soloist has a lightstick dedicated to them, meaningfully designed to represent them.

K-pop lightsticks are small illuminating objects with a handle on one side and a glowing LED light. Fans use these lightsticks to cheer for the artists at their concerts and even during their appearances on TV and music shows.

Instead of K-pop lightsticks, the first generation of K-pop artists had a specific color attached to their group. Fans would bring balloons of that color to show support. K-pop artists still have a particular color that represents them. However, these color distinctions aren't as rigid anymore.

K-pop lightsticks are also a form of memorabilia to remind fans of their connection with their favorite artists.

5 K-pop lightsticks that shine the brightest

K-pop lightsticks were first created by BIGBANG. Lightsticks had existed previously, but they were simple in design and looked the same for every group. The K-pop lightsticks created by BIGBANG were fancier, and this started the wave of creation of lightsticks explicitly designed for different artists.

1) Army Bomb

BTS' lightstick is called the Army bomb because their fandom is ARMY. The Army bomb has a thick, black handle at the base and a circular ball on top, filled with shakers that make sounds when the lightstick is shaken.

The group's name and the map of the world are etched on the lightsticks. The Army Bomb depicts a globe that showcases their worldwide popularity and stardom. The lightstick can be paired via Bluetooth to an app that helps change the light to any rainbow color.

At concerts, technicians control all the army bombs at the venue, changing the colors and modes of the lightstick depending on the song, and they even use it to create various words and shapes.

The first version came out in 2015, and the design remained the same, barring some minute changes, up until the third version. However, the fourth version is drastically different. It is taller and sleeker, and the illuminating circular bulb is much brighter.

3) Candy Bong

TWICE’s lightstick is named Candy Bong and is a lollipop shape. It is named after the group’s song Candy Boy and has the group's colors, neon magenta and apricot, as its default color.

The handle of the lightstick is white, and the lightstick can turn into a mood light when placed in a white colored cradle.

The second version of this lightstick was released in 2019, which has a simple ring of light and an illuminated logo in the middle.

Candy bongs are easier to carry because they aren’t bulky like most K-pop lightsticks.

3) BI-ping-bong

It is one of the most unique K-Pop lightsticks. BLACKPINK’s colors are black and pink, which is the color of their lightstick. Their K-pop lightstick is called BI-ping-bong as it has a mode to beep to the beat of the songs.

The shape of the lightstick is in the form of a hammer so that it would appeal to both male and female fans. Instead of a traditional hammer, the two sides are shaped like hearts and have the group’s name etched on them.

4) Carat Bong

SEVENTEEN’s lightstick is called Carat Bong as their fandom’s name is Carat. Fans voted on this particular design out of six methods for it to become the group’s official lightstick in 2016.

The handles are white with the group's name etched at the bottom. Under the glass dome, there is a Rose Quartz colored diamond lying on a Serenity-colored base. These are the official colors of the group.

The glass dome has specks of glitter attached to it so that it sparkles when the lightstick is lit up.

5) Light Band

Day6’s lightstick is like no other K-pop lightstick. It is called a Light Band because it is not even a lightstick in the traditional sense. Their lightstick is a wristwatch. The idea behind this was to free up the hands of the fans so that they could cheer and freely enjoy the concert as well.

The lightstick has an adjustable strap and can be charged using a USB cable.

The strap is white with the logo and name of the band embossed in green. The wristwatch's dial has a glittery glass cover covering a green centerpiece that emits light.

K-pop lightsticks elevate the concert experience to another level. The bright and colorful ocean of light swaying together at the beat of the music against the darkness of the night is one of the most breathtaking sights.

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