KOMCA credits list 2022: 10 K-pop idols with the most copyrights

Ravi, RM, PSY, and G-Dragon (Images via @airport_vixx/Twitter, @rkive/Instagram, @Genius_kor/Twitter, and @WhiteTamar1/Twitter)
Ravi, RM, PSY, and G-Dragon (Images via @airport_vixx/Twitter, @rkive/Instagram, @Genius_kor/Twitter, and @WhiteTamar1/Twitter)

KOMCA credits are the copyrights provided by the non-profit organization Korean Music Copyright Association (KOMCA) to artists who have taken part in writing song lyrics, compositions, and arrangements.

People who own copyrights to songs can join KOMCA as associate members and be promoted to full-time members if they have proven to have substantial contributions to music.

Many K-pop idols take part in the composition and production of their songs, and some even produce for other artists.

List of ten K-pop idols who have the most KOMCA credits to their name

10) Yongguk

Bang Youngguk, better known as Yongguk, is a former member and leader of the K-pop group B.A.P and has 132 KOMCA credits. He has actively taken part in writing most of the songs for his group, including their debut EP Warrior and the 2015 mini-album, Matrix.

He even produced and wrote his self-titled solo album, BANG YOUNGGUK.


Min Yoon-Gi, better known as BTS' SUGA or his alias AGUST D, has 136 KOMCA credits. Apart from being recognized as a genius rapper, he is a well-known lyricist, composer, and producer.

He was made a full member of the KOMCA in 2018, the first in his group to become one. He has written various songs for BTS, namely, 13430, Dead Leaves, and all the Cyphers.

He has also written and produced all the songs on his mixtapes, AGUST D and D-2. They are all based on his own experiences and even his struggles with mental health. SUGA has also composed and produced for other artists, for which he received the title of Min PD.

He took part in the composition and arrangement for Epik High's song Eternal Sunshine, the production and composition of Suran's song Wine, and produced, co-wrote, arranged, and featured on IU's song Eight.

8) Joohoney

Lee Joo-Heon, better known by his stage name Joohoney is one of the rappers from the group MONSTA X. The artist has 145 KOMCA credits to his name.

He has taken part in writing the lyrics of all the songs for his group. The rapper has even composed and arranged a few of them, such as Gambler, Special, and Rush Hour.

Joohoney has written and produced all the songs in his mixtape Psyche, aside from writing and producing for other artists. He co-wrote and composed Mad Clown's song Bad Blood for the reality show Show Me the Money 5.

7) Young K

Kang Young-Hoon or Brian Kang, professionally known as Young K, is the vocalist and bassist of the rock band Day6. In 2022 it was revealed that he had 149 KOMCA credits.

He has been involved in the songwriting process of almost all the songs of Day6. The guitarist has also written and composed all the songs from his solo EP Eternal.

He has also written and composed for other artists, such as GOT7's song Begging On My Knees and UP10TION's song Stuck On You.

6) Zico

Block B's rapper Woo Ji-Ho, better known as Zico, has 157 KOMCA credits. He has actively taken part in writing, composing, and producing for his group, including their hit song Nillili Mambo. He even wrote his solo hit song, Any Song.

He has written and composed all of his mixtapes and EPs. KOMCA gave him the Artist Award in 2017.

The rapper has successfully cross-overed into the K-hip hop scene and has appeared in various seasons of Show Me the Money, where he has composed and written songs for many artists like Song Min-Ho's Fear and Olltii's That XX.

5) Junhyung

Yong Jun-Hyung, better known as HIGHLIGHT's (formerly BEAST) rapper Junhyung, has 157 KOMCA credits. He has written and composed almost all the songs for the group.

The artist has also written and composed all the songs for his solo work as well as for other artists, such as Let's Eat 2's OST Why Don't You Know, EXID's song Hippity Hop, and Yang Yo-Seob's album The First Collage.

In 2021 he left HIGHLIGHT after being found guilty of watching hidden camera footage of women being illegally filmed and was investigated in relation to the Burning Sun scandal.

4) G-Dragon

BIGBANG's leader Kwon Ji-Yong, popularly known as G-Dragon, has 174 KOMCA credits. He has written lyrics for all the BIGBANG albums and even arranged music for songs like V.I.P, Lies, and Fools.

The rapper is a well-known lyricist and has written all the songs for his solo work and even the collaborations he has done with other artists.

He wrote and featured on the song Party, which was part of Uhm Jung-Hwa's album D.I.S.C.O and even wrote the song Baby I'm Sorry for fellow member Taeyang's solo album, Hot.

3) PSY

Park Jae-Sang, better known as PSY, the singer of the 2012 viral hit song Gangnam Style, is third on the list of K-pop idols with the most KOMCA credits. He currently has 181 copyrights on KOMCA.

He wrote his hit songs Gangnam Style, Daddy, and Gentleman. The singer also wrote the song Ready or Not for the girl group MOMOLAND.

In 2018 he founded his own entertainment agency called P NATION. PSY is returning with his full-length album PSY 9th on April 29. It is full of collaborations with popular South Korean idols like Suzy, Hwasa, and Jessi.

2) RM

BTS leader Kim Nam-Joon, popularly known as RM, has solidified himself as a genius musician with 187 KOMCA credits. The rapper has written most of the songs for his group, and his lyrical wordplay has been appreciated worldwide. He is even known as the philosopher who raps because of how deep and thought-provoking his lyrics are.

The songwriter wrote Singularity, in one sitting, right after being discharged from his deviated septum surgery. He wrote and produced all the songs for both his mixtapes RM and MONO, which showcased his rapping and songwriting abilities as both are drastically different from each other in emotion and subject matter.

He has also penned lyrics for other artists such as Love U Hate U for 2AM, fellow member Jimin's song Promise, and TXT's song 0X1=Lovesong (I Know I Love You). He has collaborated on various songs with well-known artists such as Change with rapper Wale, Winter Flower with Younha, and BuckuBucku with MFBTY.

1) Ravi

Kim Won-Sik, better known as VIXX's rapper Ravi, takes the crown for the idol with the most number of KOMCA credits. He has 202 copyrights under his belt. He has participated in writing almost all the songs of his group, such as Chained Up and Shangri-La.

He even wrote all the songs for many of his solo albums like R.EAL1ZE. He has also written songs for other groups, such as Hate You for Gugudan and Talk to me for Elris.

Although KOMCA provides credits for publishing, songwriting, composition, and arranging music, it does not provide any credit for the production of songs.

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