aespa’s legendary debut Coachella performance earns big praises from fans

SM Entertainment's girl group aespa at Coachella 2022 (Image via @aespa_official/Twitter)
SM Entertainment's girl group aespa at Coachella 2022 (Image via @aespa_official/Twitter)

On April 23, girl group aespa gave exhilerating performances fit for all the hype at Coachella 2022. The group performed their viral hits Black Mamba, SAVAGE, and Next Level.

The group even performed an unreleased song titled Life’s too Short, as a pre-release of their upcoming album. The song hints at the group coming back soon enough to shake up the K-pop industry once again.

The internet was filled with praise for the four-member girl group’s live vocals. Coupled with the concept films and stage aesthetics, fans believed the girl group “conquered Coachella” with their talent.

Fans react to aespa’s live vocals performances at Coachella 2022

Karina, Giselle, Winter, and Ningning made their highly-awaited debut at Coachella 2022 on April 23. As only a one-and-half-year old K-pop group, aespa achieved an incredible feat. The group belted out high notes while dancing to their setlist, proving that they have exceptional vocal talent too.

The four girls took to the stage in their fashionista avatars. The stage started with an introduction to the group members alongside their AI members. The group opened the performance with the b-side track aenergy, then moved to Black Mamba, Next Level, SAVAGE, and lastly, the new song, Life’s too short.

Multiple fancams posted on Twitter showed the crowd’s excitement towards the group’s performance. The crowd cheered loudly for the SAVAGE girl group, complete with fan chants and some even singing verses with them.

Two out of five videos of aespa’s performance posted by journalist Ema Sasic have crossed one million views already. The video of the new song sits at a whopping 1.8 million views, while Black Mamba performance is close to reaching one million views soon.

Fans were especially proud of the Next Level girl group because they debuted during the pandemic and hardly had any in-person performances. An Instagram story posted by DJ Raiden, an SM Entertainment artist, showed exactly the vast crowd the four members were performing in front of, making MYs (the group’s fandom) proud.

Karina even shared the same thoughts during a recent interview with Billboard.

“Truthfully, we don’t have much experience performing live in front of an audience since we debuted during the pandemic, so the thought of performing in front of a large audience at Coachella, which is the dream stage for many artists, made me feel very nervous.”

Meanwhile, the history-making girl group, aespa, also hinted that the new release would be connected to their future release in the same interview.

Winter shared that the unreleased song was an English version of the song from their “soon-to-be released album.” Giselle also shared that they will return to the U.S. to promote their new album.

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