Agency threatens legal actions against rumors regarding LOONA's Chuu

An increase in mistreatment allegations of LOONA's Chuu leads to the agency threatening strict action (Image via @loonatheworld/Instagram)
An increase in mistreatment allegations of LOONA's Chuu leads to the agency threatening strict action (Image via @loonatheworld/Instagram)

On June 23, Blockberry Creative released a statement announcing they will take strong legal action against people spreading rumors about LOONA's Chuu. They also denied the claims and stated that the rumors damaged the reputation of the artist and the agency.

The company also added that all LOONA members support each other and are cooperating on the recent album Flip That's promotions. Any disruption to it may force the agency to take legal action.

LOONA is currently promoting their latest release, the summer special mini-album, Flip That. The album was released on June 20. Discussions around Chuu's mistreatment have been going around since March when it was reported that she was suing the agency.

Recently, a fansite of the idol made a lengthy post allegedly claiming that Blockberry Creative had repeatedly mistreated Chuu. The fansite admin stated that she wasn't given a manager, had to travel in taxis, and even carried her luggage alone.

Agency says rumors around LOONA's Chuu are "groundless"

Amidst a sea of conversations around LOONA's Chuu being allegedly mistreated, the girl group's agency has finally released a statement addressing several issues, one of which was highlighted by a fan.

Fansites usually follow an idol around during their schedules and provide photos of the same to fans. K-pop agencies also recognize them as they lend a hand in idols' publicity.

Chuu's fansite mainly spoke up about her mistreatment, such as the idol traveling on her own and not having a manager, among other things. They even stated that if the agency refuted any claims, they would post the photos and videos she captured of the idol.

Despite this, Blockberry Creative released a statement with their official stance. They stated that the rumors are groundless and that they will take strict legal action against people spreading malicious information regarding the group and Chuu.

“Hello. This is BlockBerryCreative. On the 20th, LOONA released Summer Special Mini Album ‘Flip That’ and began to promote. All the members of LOONA trust each other and cooperate for their dreams. Therefore, the company will support the members’ dreams and do our best to help the members to focus on the promotion of this album. We want to say that BBC takes legal action in case of any issue that disrupts this.”

They directly addressed the issues of mistreatment rumors flying around about LOONA's Chuu in online forums and news publications.

“Some articles have confused fans and the public with the expression of officials of the related person, even though the contents related to Chuu, a member of LOONA, are groundless. There is no position of the company or individual member.”

Blockberry Creative reassured fans that they and the members would continue promotions for Flip That as best as possible. They ended the statement by reiterating that they will be taking strict action against manipulated posts and information regarding the group.

“We would like to inform you that we will respond strongly to malicious expanded interpretation or any actions that encourage it, malicious posts and comments beyond simple expression of opinion, with impunity.”

Rumors and updates about LOONA's Chuu

The statement arrived after a fansite master of LOONA's Chuu alleged that the agency had mistreated and discriminated against the member on multiple occasions on June 22.

The fansite alleged that the agency did not provide the idol with necessities such as a car for travel. They shared that she had to use taxis for her schedules and did not even have a manager to carry her luggage.

After the fansite's alleged expose, a clip of LOONA's Chuu sighing at the mention of a world tour went viral. The video was from the Flip That showcase.

At the start of June, the agency announced that Chuu would not participate in the group's first world tour, LOONATHEWORLD, due to scheduled activities. However, fans were surprised by the news and criticized the move, believing the agency could have managed things better.

In recent news, multiple South Korean outlets reported that LOONA's Chuu was discussing joining BY4M Studio. She will also be releasing a special collaboration single with B.I titled Lullaby on June 27 at 6 PM KST.

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