Ahgases get emotional as GOT7 members reunite at Youngjae’s online fan meet

JAY B, Yugyeom, Youngjae, BamBam, and Jinyoung (Image via @333cyj333/Instagram)
JAY B, Yugyeom, Youngjae, BamBam, and Jinyoung (Image via @333cyj333/Instagram)

On November 28, GOT7’s Youngjae held his first solo fan meet online after releasing his much-awaited solo album, Colors. Already an emotional sight for Ahgases (GOT7’s fandom), the night turned more heartbreaking as four group members surprised Youngjae by participating in the fan meet.

Band leader JAY B, maknae Yugyeom, Thai superstar BamBam, and actor Jinyoung took time out of their busy schedules to celebrate the moment with fellow member Youngjae. Fans soon took to Twitter to share their favorite moments from the reunion.

Youngjae’s first global online fan meet becomes a GOT7 reunion celebration

In October this year, actor, singer, dancer, and songwriter, Youngjae released his solo debut EP Colors from Ars. Now, under the Sublime Artist Agency, the GOT7 member held his first solo online fan meet in a bid to meet his fans, Ahgases, and show his love for them.

The fan meeting turned into a small GOT7 reunion no one expected. JAY B, Yugyeom, BamBam, and Jinyoung entered the fan meet as their chaotic selves, as Youngjae froze on the spot.

Before the members joined, the company played a clip of the group’s past. He couldn’t hold back his tears while watching the video.

According to some fans, the mini-reunion was SAA’s idea to give Youngjae the surprise of a lifetime. All Ahgases thanked SAA and other members’ agencies for giving them the freedom to attend the fan meet, despite the packed schedules.

The fan meet turned into a GOT7 fan meet as the members even video-called Jackson Wang, who is currently in China, filming for his next project.

Take a look at some moments that fans cherished from the mini-reunion:

As a Twitter user expressed, if a small reunion had fans bawling their eyes out, one could only let their imagination run wild when GOT7 returns as a full group.

After leaving JYP Entertainment, the seven members embarked on a solo adventure, with everyone signing with different companies. They pursued their passions while promising to stay together as a group.

Youngjae was busy preparing for his acting debut in Netflix’s first Korean sitcom, So Not Worth It, after the members went on their different paths.

The group has time and again assured fans that they have not disbanded and will release music as a group but give more focus to their individual careers.

In other news, Youngjae announced an offline special fan meet called Merry Ars-mas! which will be held on December 24, at 7 pm KST at Incheon. It will also be live-streamed. Check out more information on it here.

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