GOT7's JAY B and BamBam take over Twitter with their hilarious interaction on Station Z

H1GHR MUSIC and GOT7's leader JAY B and BamBam (Image via Instagram/@stationz89.1)
H1GHR MUSIC and GOT7's leader JAY B and BamBam (Image via Instagram/@stationz89.1)

JAY B,GOT7's leader, hosted Station Z on September 15 and called his group member BamBam as a guest. IGOT7 or Ahgase, the group's fandom, had already predicted the chaos the two group members bring when they are together, and the fans were right.

A few minutes into the live broadcast, #JAYBonStationZxBamBam hashtag started trending.

Spilling beans about Youngjae's comeback, new meme material for Ahgase, behind-the-scenes of shows, missing the group and much more ensued for an hour as the duo took over KBS Cool FM.

GOT7's JAY B and BamBam take over Station Z and Ahgases can't get enough of them

It has been almost nine months since the group left JYP Entertainment and the seven members went on to focus on their solo careers. They promised they would still be active as a group, glimpses of which are sprinkled all over the members' social media accounts.

On September 15, JAY B's R&B show on KBS Cool FM's Station Z had a guest everyone was looking forward to - the Thai Prince BamBam. Seeing the two men together, laughing, and having fun brought back memories for both the members and the fans.

The duo had a petty fight, held a group meeting, called up Youngjae, and more as fans couldn't stop enjoying the GOT3 crumbs they were receiving.

Check out some incredible moments from the radio show below:

While all of this happened, Ahgases expressed their absolute delight while watching the three boys bicker.

A few hours before the live radio show, the group's maknae line, Youngjae, BamBam, and Yugyeom uploaded similar images to their Instagram accounts. The latter even captioned it as "Maknaes On Top", and now fans wonder if a full group comeback is finally in the works.

Back in April, JAY B shared that the members are planning to release one album per year as a group. It makes sense too.

Here's what the members have been up to in 2021: BamBam, JAY B, Yugyeom have released their solo albums. Youngjae has been busy with Netflix's So Not Worth It and his musical, along with other projects.

Jackson is working on expanding his company Team Wang, and has released multiple songs, LMLY (Leave Me Loving You), Drive You Home and as a PANTHEPACK project member, BUZZ and DNA.

Jinyoung is focusing on his acting projects and while he was busy with the legal drama The Devil Judge, and will appear in the upcoming drama, Yumi's Cell.

Mark has been busy with his own things, be it once-in-a-while streaming or photoshoots with the biggest fashion magazines. He recently attended the red carpet for Disney's Shang Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings and even lent his voice to an OST along with BIBI.

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