Bambam elicits laughter from GOT7 fans after his creative birthday wishes for Jinyoung

GOT7 Bambam's hilarious antics strike again (Image via JYP Entertainment)
GOT7 Bambam's hilarious antics strike again (Image via JYP Entertainment)

Fans of GOT7 are ecstatic after checking out Bambam's latest antics, with many describing it as a classic Bambam-like thing to do.

GOT7 Bambam brought in the laughter at full-force after attempting to wish his fellow band member Jinyoung the most hilarious way possible after the latter officially turned 27.

GOT7 Jinyoung turns 27, Bambam wishes him through creative memes

The members of GOT7 are known for their chaotic good energy, which inadvertently attracted fans of the same alignment.

Today, on September 22, 2021, GOT7 Jinyoung celebrates his 27th birthday. He was born in 1994 and is a native of Changwon, South Gyeongsang in South Korea.

Jinyoung is currently signed to BH Entertainment but is still a member of GOT7, much like the rest of the members who are all a part of different entertainment labels.

Bambam, another member of GOT7 is currently signed to ABYSS Company which is home to famous K-pop idol Sunmi.

Despite the members of the K-pop group being a part rather than under one label, they still hold the comradery-ship they had in the past. Bambam especially demonstrated this in the unique way that he always did on the GOT7 members' birthdays.

The rapper is known for going all out when it comes to wishing the GOT7 boys on their special day, and Jinyoung's birthday was no different. The 24-year-old idol posted a series of unique images on his Instagram story and Twitter account.

Happy Birthday Mommy Jinyoung馃崙馃帀
"jinyoung and the giant peach" "park man" "heart you"BAMBAM IS SO 馃槶馃槶 PLS HE'S THE BEST HE'S SO ANNOYING I LOVE HIM

Fans were not surprised in the least, encouraging Bambam to post more and laughing at the idol's hilarious antics.

Many brought up the past edits, stating that GOT7 Yugyeom was next on the idol's hit-list for funny birthday wishes.

bambam greeting his members a happy birthday in an extra way 5/6 lmao yugyeom you鈥檙e next 馃槀
5/GOT6 is down, Yugyeom is the next victim of Bambam鈥檚 birthday greeting馃槶 @BamBam1A
lmao look at the difference between bambam greeting jackson a happy birthday compared to the rest of hyung line. I鈥檓 wheezing the favoritism 馃槶

Fans began to upload their memes of Bambam and the entire situation, showcasing their fun and upbeat energy through Twitter.

jinyoung after seeing bambam鈥檚 bday post on twt
bambam biggest igot7 out there stealing edits and calling jinyoung MOMMY as if this fandom hasn't been trying to move past that dark era for the past few years
we really be fighting ppl who keep calling jinyoung mom and here comes along bambam with his mommy jinyoung agenda 馃槶

Along with it being Jinyoung's birthday, today was a special day for GOT7 fans as many of the members had scheduled activities with each other today. Fans reveled in the amount of GOT7 content they received.

A while ago everyone is crying in my timeline because of jinson and jingyeom's greetings 馃ゲ AND NOW THEY'RE ALL LAUGHING OVER BAMBAM'S MEME GREETINGS??? GOT7 don't want us to stay sane, huh?
igot7 today:jinyoung dive japanese ver: 馃巶馃コ馃グ馃槝jackson bday greeting: 馃槶馃槩鉂わ笍鈥嶐煍ヰ煒﹜ugyeom bday greeting: 馃槉馃挊馃ズ馃槏bambam bday greeting: 馃ぃ馃槀馃崙馃槄jayb merch: 馃槱馃馃槺馃捀and the day isnt over yet!!!!
we got yugyeom, jackson, and bambam greeting jinyoung a happy birthday then mark weibo update then jaebeom represent all in a span of an hour?!! please i feel like a multi fandom I can鈥檛 even keep up with the so many updates anymore 馃槶
The updates today鈥︷煒1. DIVE Japanese version on 29/92. BamBam鈥檚 Twitter and IG bday wishes for Jinyoung 3. Yugyeom IG bday wish for Jinyoung 4. Jackson IG bday wish for Jinyoung 5. JAY B represent merch 6. Mark鈥檚 Weibo update 7. JAY B will be calling Jinyoung on Station Z
first bambam and youngjae being the first guest of jayb to his radio show and now jinyoung his second special call guest please we just keep on winning 馃槶

As the members of GOT7 are currently focusing on their solo careers, even the tiniest interactions warm the hearts of fans.

As the exciting day comes to an end, one may wonder what the GOT7 members have cooked up for Bambam's birthday, which happened earlier this year on May 2.

Next up on the idol's list is GOT7's Yugyeom, who celebrates his birthday on November 17. Seeing as how Yugyeom is the youngest of the group, GOT7 fans know that Bambam won't be holding back on the memes for his day.

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