"All I can say it's their loss": Fans react as BLACKPINK Lisa's Weibo accounts allegedly suspended following Crazy Horse performance

Featuring Lisa (Image via YG Entertainment)
Featuring Lisa (Image via YG Entertainment)

On November 1, fans encountered difficulties accessing BLACKPINK's Lisa's personal Weibo account, which had been allegedly deleted due to violations of regulations. Additionally, they discovered that the official fan account associated with the idol had also been reportedly deleted.

In light of these developments, several fans are suspecting that BLACKPINK's Lisa's account was allegedly suspended or deleted in connection to her Crazy Horse Performance, which took place last month.

Upon learning about the seeming suspension of the idol's Weibo and official fan accounts, fans promptly turned to social media to express their thoughts. Many of them found the action perplexing, while others argued that it was Weibo's loss, not Lisa's.

"They acting like Weibo is relevant": Fans react as Lisa's Weibo accounts get deleted

As fans received the news of BLACKPINK's Lisa's accounts being reportedly suspended, they flocked to the Weibo application to confirm that her account had indeed disappeared. When trying to access her account, they received a notification that stated:

"This account can no longer be viewed due to reports of violations of laws, regulations, and WEIBO community agreements."

Rumors among fans have circulated that last month, the BLACKPINK member made her debut at Crazy Horse Paris, reportedly delivering five exclusive performances over three days, from September 28 to 30. In these performances, artists showcased their talents amid illuminating lights and charm.

As fans discussed the possible reason behind the alleged deletion or suspension of Lisa's Weibo account, claims have arisen that China prohibits indecent performances by artists. It has been assumed that Lisa's performance at Crazy Horse in Paris, which reportedly featured the artist in scant clothing, was considered indecent, despite it not taking place in China.

Many fans find it puzzling that given how the performance occurred in Paris, it didn't make sense to ban her Weibo account. They argue that the location of the Crazy Horse performance was not in China.

BLINKs have since been reacting to the alleged suspension or possible deletion of MONEY singer's Weibo account due to the speculated reason of participating in Crazy Horse Paris.

For those unaware, Crazy Horse Paris is a renowned cabaret art theater in France, where artists combine dance with nudity to convey explicit messages through their performances. When the BLACKPINK member performed there, many well-known celebrities attended her show, although filming was prohibited in the cabaret, so fans still couldn't catch a glimpse of her Crazy Horse stint.

BLINKs have also speculated that due to her Crazy Horse Paris performance, the MONEY singer may be banned from China, which could impact her ability to sell her upcoming or already released work in the country. There is speculation that alongside BLACKPINK, some members of aespa, (G)I-DLE, and Park Chanyeol's albums will also be banned in the country.

Further, fans have noticed that the accounts of Angela baby and Zhang Jiani are experiencing unusual behavior as well, such as netizens being unable to follow them and send private messages. Both of them were spotted at the Crazy Horse Show.

Even though the MONEY singer's Weibo account has reportedly been banned in China, fans can stay updated through her Instagram account, which boasts over 90 million followers at the moment.

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Edited by Susrita Das
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