"Hell yeah": Fans react as BLACKPINK's Lisa allegedly offered $37.7 million to sign up with an American label

Featuring Lisa (Image via Lalalalisa_m @ Instagram)
Featuring Lisa (Image via Lalalalisa_m @ Instagram)

On September 20, 2023, a foreign news agency, Star.setn, reported that Lisa had reportedly been offered $37.7 million by an American record label interested in signing an exclusive contract with the idol.

BLACKPINK's exclusive contract with YG Entertainment ended in August 2023. While the other members have renewed their contracts with the agency, Lisa is the only one who hasn't renewed her contract. However, YG Entertainment had previously stated that they were in the discussion phase of their contract with her.

As several reports of Lisa signing with an American label surfaced on social media, fans couldn't help but celebrate since they have often claimed that the rapper deserves a better agency than the one that has allegedly mistreated her.

Fans want Lisa to leave YG Entertainment and join the American label

As the rumors surfaced on social media, fans couldn't help but hope for the idol to leave YG Entertainment for several reasons. Several fans claim that the MONEY singer has been mistreated and discriminated against numerous times.

Another reason fans want the idol to leave is that Star.setn reported that the American label, which offered her a staggering $37.7 million, has also provided several other benefits, including copyright ownership of her songs, the establishment of her own studio, and the release of six albums in total.

The report also mentioned that she could collaborate with new artists of her choice for songs if she desired. The label has reportedly promised several music videos, music, and other appealing opportunities for the idol. As the news spread, fans were nothing but happy about the prospect of Lisa joining an agency that would bring growth and development to her career.

Here's how fans are reacting to the news that she is allegedly offered $37.7 million to sign with an American label:

Some fans believe that once she leaves YG Entertainment, she will gain more global exposure and be able to carry out her solo activities and promotions globally, unlike her current situation. They also believe she would be able to garner more fans who would contribute to the streaming of her songs.

Recently, the South Korean media outlet, Star News, reported that the MONEY singer has already rejected two exclusive offers from YG Entertainment and has been receiving offers from foreign companies, including those from Thailand and Indonesia, worth billions of dollars.

Needless to say, fans are proud of Lisa and want her to choose what is right for her, hoping she won't be a part of the group, as she has continuously faced mistreatment by the agency and some fans within the BLINK fandom who claim to be OT4. Moreover, fans want her to sign with the American label as it will help enrich her career.

In other news, the idol has concluded her Born Pink World Tour along with other members of the group. Furthermore, her song MONEY has crossed over one billion streams on Spotify and nine hundred million views on YouTube.

Lisa is set to perform her first show at the Crazy Horse Paris Art Theater on September 28, 2023.

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