“All she wanted to do was meet me” — Kai Cenat responds to backlash over attending North West’s birthday party

Kai Cenat responds to backlash over attending North West
Kai Cenat responds to backlash over attending North West's birthday party. (Image via YouTube/Kai Cenat Live)

Kai Cenat has addressed the criticism he received for hanging out with North West at her 11th birthday celebrations on June 15. The popular Twitch streamer posted a photo with North on his Instagram Stories and added one of Kanye’s songs.

Some viewers found Kai’s presence around North “weird” and “inappropriate” and drew comparisons between the 22-year-old and Drake.

However, Kai responded to the backlash in a video posted on June 17. He slammed the critics and called them “weird” for trying to portray his attendance at North’s birthday party as a ‘weird’ instance.

Kai claimed:

“Here’s the thing, first things first bro…I am North’s favorite streamer bro, okay? So, yesterday, all she wanted to do was meet me, bro. That was it. Literally.”

Several people wondered how Kai meeting North was weird and noted that the meet-up happened under Kim's supervision, so it should not be something problematic. Some said North meeting her favorite streamer was similar to a child meeting their favorite NBA player and emphasized there is nothing "weird" about it.

"Her Mom was there so what’s the problem? No different than being your kid to meet their favorite NBA player for a picture", wrote one.
"He was invited idk why people are mad", another chimed in.
"her mom and family was there it’s not like he met up with her alone was texting her like Drake was texting Milly Bobby", one person commented.

A few people noted that Kim invited Kai Cenat to make an appearance at her daughter's birthday party as many parents book their children's favorite celebrities on birthdays or other celebrations.

"Yall do know ppl get paid to make appearances and or a favor is set up Kai might get Kim to pull up to a stream bc he did this yall know nothing about how bookings work", wrote another.
"Modern times have made such a habit of depicting all men as predators an innocent birthday party is beyond what they can perceive", expressed one commenter.

Kai Cenat describes North West's birthday party as "epic"

Despite the controversial comments he received on the internet, Kai Cenat said a lot of kids wish to meet him:

“So, anybody who’s making it weird like, that’s the weirdest thing ever because like, bro, I have a whole bunch of parents…whose daughters and sons would love to meet me, bro.”

The streamer expressed he would meet everybody if he could. He continued:

“You feel what I am saying? We had a great time yesterday. Vlog drops tomorrow.”

Kai referred to North and said:

"She’s great bro, she has a good group of friends around her, like, everything was great."

He concluded by saying the day spent with Kim and North was "epic".

Kai Cenat’s surprise appearance at North’s birthday came months after the streamer’s infamous beef with the 11-year-old’s father, Kanye West. In March, Kai and Ye had a clash over a pair of Yeezy sweatpants sent to the streamer for collaboration.

During a livestream, Kai unboxed the packaging and tried the sweatpants on, but expressed that the bottoms were significantly larger for him. He playfully demonstrated the size differences while asking for a smaller one that would fit him.


However, it did not sit right with West as reached out to Kai Cenat through Instagram DM and asked him not to make jokes about his clothing brand.

When Kai denied making fun of Yeezy, West claimed he was set up to diss his brand. The streamer later responded and said it was unnecessary to argue over trousers.

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