"Anti-semitic, vile goons": Jack Teixeira racist discord posts surface in wake of 21-year old's arrest 

Racist and antisemitic jokes on Jack Teixeira
Racist and antisemitic jokes on Jack Teixeira's Discord group leaves netizens upset (Image via Dawn Teixeira/Facebook)

In light of Jack Teixeira’s recent arrest for disclosing dozens of sensitive US intelligence documents online, his other social media antics have come to light. It was recently discovered that the 21-year-old, who was the leader of the Thug Shaker Central Discord server was encouraging racist and antisemitic memes on the platform. Reacting to the Discord channel's content, one netizen commented:

Netizen reacts to Jack Teixeira's Discord antics (Image via Twitter)
Netizen reacts to Jack Teixeira's Discord antics (Image via Twitter)

Trigger Warning: This article contains antisemitic and racist content. Reader’s discretion is advised.

On Thursday, the FBI arrested Jack Teixeira, who was a Cyber Transport Systems Journeyman in the Air Force. News footage showed the man in question wearing red basketball shorts and a gray t-shirt being surrounded by camo-clad law enforcement agents.

Twitter users were quick to take to social media to uncover what kind of posts were being uploaded to the Discord channel which comprised of around 30 people. It was noted that the participants mostly shared an interest in video games and guns. However, it was also uncovered that they were creating racist memes and joking about the Holocaust and Nazis.

Content from Jack Teixeira’s Thug Shaker Central Discord channel explored

One of the many problematic posts on the server sent by a person under the name of Lucca, included:

“Please refrain from posting memes of the recent Schmool Nashville tranny’s dead corpse… Memes depicting said zippert*ts are fine.”

In another post, which was uploaded this year by the same member, he wrote:

“WW2 Changelong Fixed: -Poles revolting in Warsaw despite no city being left _German troops continue to spawn in Courland -Jews will no long spawn in Estonia”
Thug Shaker Central posts explored (Image via michaeldweiss/Twitter)
Thug Shaker Central posts explored (Image via michaeldweiss/Twitter)

In a jarring post, Lucca also opined that he preferred Russia because they created better music. He added in the statement- “it’s really corrupt jewish nazis vs corrupt newish nazis”

Thug Shaker Central posts explored (Image via michaeldweiss/Twitter)
Thug Shaker Central posts explored (Image via michaeldweiss/Twitter)

Jack Teixeira would frequently participate in the server under the moniker of “OG.” According to the Washington Post, they viewed a video on the server where he was seen at a shooting range with a large rifle and saying racist and antisemitic slurs on camera.

What documents were leaked by Jack Teixeira?

News outlets claimed that the youngster began posting pictures of original classified documents online for popularity on the small Discord channel. Some sensitive intelligence that was leaked online included the possible trajectory of North Korean missiles being aimed at the United States, images of damage caused in Ukraine by Russian missile strikes and also photos of the viral Chinese spy balloon.

Information about US’s allies including Turkey, South Korea and Israel also found their way online.


The exact way of how Teixeira gained access to the aforementioned information was not released online at the time of writing this article. However, it is believed that he got the documents after receiving security clearance, which is offered to troops as young as 18 years old, his role provided him with higher clearance levels or his unit might have required access to foreign intelligence, allowing him to procure the documents.

Other countries questioned the accuracy of the leaked documents, including some British officials, claiming that there was a “serious level of inaccuracy.” However, US officials announced that most of the leaked material was authentic.

Edited by Karishma Rao
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