ASTRO’s Jinjin and MJ stop all activities due to health issues

ASTRO'S Jinjin and MJ (Images via Instagram)
ASTRO'S Jinjin and MJ (Images via Instagram)

ASTRO's Jinjin and MJ will be taking a break from all activities due to health issues. Fantagio recently made an announcement about the two members on their official fan cafe.

First MJ, and now Jinjin will also stop all activities due to health reasons.

Astro twins myungjin, please rest well, don't worry about us.. because your health is the most important of all things,eat good & a lot, don't worry about anything 💜GET WELL SOON MJ JINJIN💜#JINJIN #MJ #ASTRO @offclASTRO

Jinjin is the stage name of Park Jin-woo, a South Korean rapper, singer, songwriter, and model. On February 23, 2016, he made his debut as the leader of the South Korean boy group ASTRO, under the label Fantagio. He's also a member of the Jinjin & Rocky duo.

MJ, whose birth name is Kim Myung-jun, is a singer who made his solo debut as a trot singer in November 2021 with his single album Happy Virus. After gaining popularity for his trot singing abilities, MJ was cast in the musical Jack the Ripper, in which he played Daniel with other idols such as SF9's Inseong and F.T. Island's Lee Hong-ki.

Health issues force ASTRO’s Jinjin and MJ to stop all activities

ASTRO is a South Korean boy group that debuted in 2016. It was established by Fantagio. Six members make up the group: MJ, Jinjin, Cha Eun-woo, Moon Bin, Rocky, and Yoon San-ha.

The Fantagio Entertainment's boy group has been performing really well in the music industry in recent months, first as member MJ made his solo debut as a trot singer, and then as the second sub-unit of the group, comprised of members Jinjin and Rocky, released their first mini-album named Restore.

With such a huge fan base, the K-Pop boy group's agency has announced that members MJ and Jinjin will be taking a break due to health issues.

Here is their agency's official statement regarding Jinjin:

My heart💔😢 get well soon Leadernim🙏#JINJIN #ASTRO
We are very sorry to announce that ASTRO JINJIN&ROCKY’s ED Artist Class has been postponed due to the artist’s health reasons.Further actions regarding the ED Artist Class will be announced on a later date.We hope that JINJIN is able to have a fast recovery.Thank you,ED Team

Previously, ASTRO's MJ has also taken a break from work due to health concerns. Through the official fan café on January 28, Fantagio announced their official stance about MJ's future activities.

Here is their agency's official statement regarding MJ:

i just found out that astro mj needs to take hiatus due to health problems:(take care mj, please be safe i love you. come back safe, our happy virus

During his hiatus, the agency will focus on recovery and treatment, and will temporarily cease all activities until his health is restored. Last November, however, MJ made his debut as a trot singer with the publication of his digital single album, Happy Virus.

With so much on their schedules, it's been reported that MJ and Jinjin would be required to take a break from group's activities as well as their individual projects for the time being.

Fans convey their wishes on social media

get well soon jinjin and mj 🥺💜💜#ASTRO#진진#아스트로#JINJIN@offclASTRO
Now I'm scared of tweets like this from astro staff😔😔 please get well soon mj and jinjin!! We will wait for the both of you🥺 @offclASTRO
Hi MJ👋🏻how are you today?Are you feeling better?🥺Your absence is very empty and we miss you ❣️Please take more care of your health to get well soon.please lot of rest💚#GetWellSoonMJ#MJ #astro#aroha_next_to_astro
GET WELL SOON LEADERNIM AND HAPPY VIRUS❤️🫂You are doing great, now it's time to rest and eat lottttssss of delicious food and prioritising your health...Lots of love and care from Indian Arohas🥰#ASTRO #JINJIN #MJ #AROHA #아스트로 #진진 #엠제이 #아로하
Jinjin and MJPlease rest well!Don’t worry, we can wait..Your health is our 1st priority. You’ve worked so so hard! Now take time to rest.Take your vitamins and stay safe!@offclASTRO #MJ #엠제이 #JINJIN #진진 #ASTRO #아스트로

Fans are now waiting for the group's agency to provide an update on their health conditions and upcoming schedules in the hopes that both members will recover quickly.

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