ATEEZ's KCON LA 2023 setlist: Singers turn the fest into a concert as fans chant BREAK THE WALL

Fans love ATEEZ
Fans love ATEEZ's thrilling setlist for KCON LA 2023 (Image via Twitter/ATEEZofficial)

On August 20, ATEEZ presented a thrilling stage to their fans, who didn't leave any stone unturned to showcase their strong support to them in return at the KCON LA 2023. The eight-member group performed five songs and even performed a new version for some of the songs to give fans a refreshing stage.

The WONDERLAND singers' performance was much anticipated by the fans for a long time. Despite some issues with the music festival's ticketing and queuing, fans eventually had a great time, as was evident with the loud fan chants that every ATEEZ fan gushed about.

KCON LA 2023: ATEEZ presents a thrilling setlist

The three-day KCON LA 2023 is a treat to K-pop fans who are both old and new. From rookie groups such as ZEROBASEONE, xikers, RIIZE, NMIXX to seasoned performers like SHINee's Taemin, NCT, ITZY, ATEEZ - the lineup for the music festival had something for every Hallyu music lover.

The eight-member K-pop group ATEEZ especially had fans screaming and chanting their name loudly during their performance. They performed at the music festival on the second day, i.e., August 20. The group performed five tracks, out of which three were known for their super energetic dances.

  • WONDERLAND (Symphony No.9 “From The Wonderland”) (Opening Performance)
  • Pirate King - Hi My First (Special Stage)
  • From (Concert Ver.)
  • Guerrilla (Closing Stage)

Fans reacted enthusiastically to ATEEZ's KCON LA 2023 performance

ATEEZ’s fandom, called ATINYs, left no stone unturned to show their strong support to the singers. The BOUNCY singers even trended on X (formerly Twitter) for their energetic performance. In addition, they lived up to the mark of being known as the K-pop group with one of the most powerful and difficult performances in the industry.

For long-time ATINYs, the KCON LA 2023 stage proved to be a milestone achievement which reflected the group’s success. Several videos of the people in the venue screaming the "BREAK THE WALL" fan chant went viral on the social media platform.

As many gushed over how incredibly loud ATINYs in the audience were for the fan chant, one netizen mentioned that the videos did not do justice to the actual decibel and experience they had had at the festival.

Meanwhile, seven artists will be performing on the third and last day of KCON LA 2023. These include EVERGLOW, (G)I-DLE, ITZY, JO1, Lapillus, Stray Kids, and THE BOYZ. JO1 and THE BOYZ will have two performances each. Three artists - JUST B, RIIZE, and XG - will also be greeting fans in the SHOWCASE: NICE TO MEET U segment of the music festival.

The SHOWCASE: NICE TO MEET U segment is a new category, wherein upcoming artists are given opportunities to hold a special performance and even hold an interactive session with their fans.

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