ATEEZ World Tour 2022: Cities, dates and ticket information announced

ATEEZ Deja Vu Concept photo (Image via @ATEEZofficial/Twitter)
ATEEZ Deja Vu Concept photo (Image via @ATEEZofficial/Twitter)

KQ Entertainment’s K-pop group ATEEZ will soon be touring the world for two entire months in 2022. The agency announced the group’s upcoming world tour, titled The Fellowship: Beginning of the End. The offline tour news arrived right after their online concert, ATEEZ XR Show [FEVER: eXtended edition], on November 14.

ATINYs were thrilled to find out that a world tour after almost a year awaits them. ATEEZ’s last world tour, The Fellowship: Map the Treasure was cut off due to COVID-19 at the very onset. The group only performed in Seoul, South Korea in February and had to cancel all other shows.

KQ Entertainment reveals ATEEZ’s world tour to kick off in Seoul’s Olympic Hall


On November 14, chart-toppping ATEEZ released a video teaser for the world tour announcement, complete with their pirate-inspired concept. It featured the many things ATEEZ’s storyline is inspired by, such as the hourglass, map, vintage books, magnifying glass and a small telescope. The clip starts monochromatic and fills with colors later, signifying the frozen world of ATEEZ finally thawing and coming back to life.

A day later, the agency announced the cities and dates of ATEEZ’s world tour slated for next year. The concert will kick off at the Olympic Hall in Seoul, South Korea, on January 7, 2022. The group will perform back-to-back for three days before heading to the United States.

Check out the detailed poster below:

In the United States, ATEEZ will tour five cities - Chicago (January 18), Atlanta (January 20), Newark (January 24), Dallas (January 27) and Los Angeles (January 30).

The group will then head to Europe, and tour Amsterdam (February 13), London (February 15), Paris (February 20), Berlin (February 22), Warsaw (February 24) and Madrid (March 1).

Considering their cut-off for The Fellowship: Map the Treasure tour, Beginning of the End will be ATEEZ’s third tour since their debut in 2018. The eight-member group showed a giant leap in popularity, as they sold out in multiple areas, including the Prudential Center in Newark and The Forum in L.A., reported Billboard.

Tickets for Map the Treasure tour will be honored with a suitable ticket for the upcoming concert. According to MyMusicTaste’s website, all shows will start at 7:30 PM local time. The remaining tickets (after revising the 2020 tour ticket seating) will be open for sale on November 18, except for Dallas.

Take a look at the official ticket vendors and opening times for particular cities below:

Ticket sale from official ticket vendors (Screenshot via MyMusicTaste website)
Ticket sale from official ticket vendors (Screenshot via MyMusicTaste website)

In other news, KQ Entertainment recently announced strict legal action against sasaengs violating the group’s privacy.

Edited by Danyal Arabi