B-DAY: BAEKHYUN-DAY - When to watch, what to expect and more about EXO artist's special V LIVE before enlistment

EXO star Baekhyun (via Instagram)
EXO star Baekhyun (via Instagram)
Neetha Kurup

EXO's Baekhyun is set to enlist in the South Korean military next month to complete his mandatory military service.

However, before the Bambi singer goes on hiatus, Baekhyun will spend some time with fans during an early birthday V LIVE special, regularly celebrated as Baekhyun Day.

It was announced earlier this month that Baekhyun would begin his mandatory military service on May 6, which is his 29th birthday.

Following three weeks of basic training, Baekhyun will be enlisting as a social worker due to his hypothyroidism.

Baekhyun is the sixth member of EXO to enlist, after Xiumin, D.O., Chen, Suho, and Chanyeol. Xiumin and D.O. have completed their mandatory military service.

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When and where to watch B-DAY: BAEKHYUN DAY

Baekhyun will be conducting the special live B-DAY: BAEKHYUN DAY through Naver's V LIVE on the EXO Channel on Saturday, May 1 at 3 PM (Korean Standard Time).

What can fans expect during the V LIVE?

The special V LIVE is a pre-birthday party for Baekhyun, who will enlist in the military on Friday, May 6. The broadcast is expected to have a variety of programs including music talk, mini-games, and a Q&A session in a comfortable atmosphere.

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Baekhyun's military enlistment

Baekhyun received a Grade 4 during the Military Manpower Administration's revised physical examination due to his hypothyroidism. Only Grades 1-3 are qualified for active service.

According to Soompi, while hypothyroidism usually receives Grade 3, proof of medication taken over six months can result in a Grade 4.

Announcing his enlistment, Baekhyun wrote on the fan community app LYSN:

"This isn’t a permanent separation, so instead of endlessly waiting for me and missing me and being sad during the brief time that we’re apart, I’m going to try various methods for us to feel like we’re spending time together, even if it’s in a different form! I’m going to work harder and prepare lots of things! I know how hard it is to wait, so instead of asking you to wait, I want to tell you that I love you! I love you!"

Earlier this year, Baekhyun released the single Bambi from his third mini album of the same title. With the album, Baekhyun surpassed sales of more than a million copies. The album sold a total of 591,944 albums in the first quarter of 2021.

Bambi topped the global charts, reaching Apple iTunes' Top Album Chart in sixty regions around the world. The album also topped China's QQ Music, Cougar Music's Digital Album Sales, and the United World Chart.

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