Billie Eilish faces backlash online after a clip of her calling Cindy from “The Boondocks” her “favorite cartoon character” surfaces online 

Billie Eilish faces backlash after calling Cindy from “The Boondocks” her “favorite cartoon character” (Image via Getty Images)
Billie Eilish faces backlash after calling Cindy from “The Boondocks” her “favorite cartoon character” (Image via Getty Images)

Billie Eilish has come under fire once again after an old clip of the singer calling Cindy from “The Boondocks” her “favorite cartoon character” resurfaced online. The Grammy Award winner is being called out for deeming a character known for frequently using “blaccent” on the show her “favorite.”

In an old interview clip, Billie Eilish shared that she relates to the character of Cindy:

“I feel like my favorite cartoon character honestly would be Cindy from The Boondocks ‘cause that’s like me, that’s me. That’s me if I just did all the things I thought about doing.”

The Boondocks is an animated sitcom series that was known for its use of African-American satire. Based on the comic strip of the same title, the cartoon made headlines for using humor to touch upon subjects of race, politics, and terrorism.

Cindy was one of the white characters in the show, known for using an African American English accent. Though the character was headstrong and talented, she was portrayed as a person unaware of racial issues. She was often shown having a confusing take on African American culture.


Billie Eilish’s favoritism for the character did not sit well with fans. The latest controversy comes less than a month after the singer faced severe criticism for an alleged racist video against Asians.

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Twitter reacts to Billie Eilish’s opinion on Cindy from “The Boondocks” amid other controversies

Billie Eilish has consistently landed in hot waters over the past few months. The singer-songwriter was criticized for allegedly “queerbaiting” in the music video of her song “Lost Cause.”

She was further called out for maintaining silence after alleged racist and homophobic tweets from her boyfriend Matthew Tyler Vorce resurfaced online.

Fans were also enraged after the 19-year-old allegedly liked a post on Instagram that called her fanbase “embarrassing.”

More controversy ensued after the “Bad Guy” hitmaker was accused of racially inappropriate behavior following an old video of the singer allegedly mocking Asian accents. People claimed that in the same video, Eilish’s brother also allegedly called out the singer for using “blaccent.”

Amid the ongoing controversies, revelations about Billie Eilish’s opinion on the character of Cindy resulted in more online outrage. Netizens flocked to Twitter to criticize the singer yet again:

However, some fans also came to the “Your Power” crooner’s defense:

Billie Eilish previously took to social media to apologize for her past behavior. She shared how she felt “appalled and embarrassed” for the alleged racist video. She further justified how she did not intend to mock any culture.

As the internet continues to be divided about their opinion on Billie Eilish, the singer repeatedly finds herself in the middle of back-to-back controversies. It remains to be seen if Eilish will address the latest issue in the days to come.

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