BLACKPINK announces first reality show in two years titled BORN PINK MEMORIES

BLACKPINK's releases first reality show in nearly two years, titled B.P.M or BORN PINK MEMORIES (Image via YouTube/BLACKPINK)

BLACKPINK will be returning to reality show shenanigans with their self-produced show titled B.P.M, aka BORN PINK MEMORIES.

On December 1, 2022, YG Entertainment released a teaser of B.P.M with a retro movie reel aesthetic. The video worked on heightening the curiosity of the quartet’s next series of promotional activities, especially since they made a Korean album comeback with BORN PINK after nearly two years.

Similar to the album, the upcoming variety show also marks the idols’ first reality show in two years. The group's last show was 24/365 with BLACKPINK, which was released in 2020. The first episode of B.P.M, titled Roll #1, was released on December 2.

BLACKPINK’s new reality show, B.P.M, takes fans behind the scenes of their recent chartbreaking album


YG Entertainment gave BLINKs unexpected news by dropping a teaser for the quartet’s reality show. The teaser of B.P.M, or BORN PINK MEMORIES, showed a cinematic montage of the girl band as their song Shut Down played into the background.

The show aims to take fans on a new journey as it will showcase the Pink Venom group’s natural side while working on their latest album promotions. The agency shared that fans can expect “a wide variety of episodes” with the charming factor of seeing the Pink Venom singers' hard work and process behind the BORN PINK album. As per Newsen, the agency stated:

“BLACKPINK will show off a natural, entirely different side of their charms from when they’re performing on stage. In addition to behind-the-scenes footage from their activities, they’ll be communicating with their fans from up close through a wide variety of episodes.”

B.P.M’s first episode, which was an eight-minute video, featured the set locations for BORN PINK’s music videos. Each member talked about the importance and meaning behind the respective sets, giving fans an insight into the creative choices behind it.


The locations included in the premiere episode are the Disused Quarry (Jennie’s solo set), River of the Black Heart (Rose’s solo set), BLACKPINK street (Jennie and Lisa’s unit rap set), Tomb Raider Dome (Lisa’s solo set), and Geomungo Cage (Jisoo’s solo set). It also takes BLINKs through the group's dance studio sets, such as the Tunnel and Amazon Lake and the Sundial Temple.

Recent updates on BLACKPINK

.@BLACKPINK 2nd Full album #BORNPINK ranked at #25 on Rolling Stone’s 'Top 100 Best Albums of 2022', It's the highest kpop group and female group album on the list.BLACKPINK IMPACT AGAIN!

The Pink Venom singers are currently on their BORN PINK World Tour, which will continue until mid-next year. While touring the world, the quartet has made great strides in other achievements.

BORN PINK ranked 25th on Rolling Stone’s The 100 Best Albums of 2022 list. The title track from the album, Pink Venom, also made it to Billboard’s Global 200 Songs list by ranking 94th and Global 200 Artists at rank 36.

Moreover, BLACKPINK even made their global presence known on Spotify Wrapped 2022. They ranked second on Top K-pop Artists of 2022. Meanwhile, their songs Pink Venom, MONEY (Lisa’s solo song), and Shut Down ranked third, fourth, and seventh, respectively, on the Top 10 K-pop Tracks of 2022.

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