BLACKPINK dominates Girl Group Brand Reputation Ranking once again

BLACKPINK (image via @blackpinkofficial/Instagram)
BLACKPINK (image via @blackpinkofficial/Instagram)

BLACKPINK, the K-Pop juggernaut, has once again dominated the Girl Group Brand Reputation Rankings released by the Korean Business Research Institute.

The formulation of the rankings involves the use of big data compiled between July and August 14. The data is then subject to analysis of various factors such as consumer participation, media coverage, interaction, and community indices from various girl groups in the K-Pop industry.

This is the third consecutive month, the K-Pop quartet have topped the Brand Reputation Rankings.

Girls Generation and TWICE followed BLACKPINK to become the top three K-Pop Girl group in August

Besides BLACKPINK, the other K-Pop groups that have made it to the top of the Brand Reputation charts are the iconic Girls' Generation and the nine-member K-Pop sensation, TWICE. More information on the rank holders follows:


With a stunning brand reputation index of 6,372,130, BLACKPINK topped the list for the third month straight. Not only is the hattrick a commendable achievement, the group also saw a staggering 103.34 percent growth in their score from the previous month.

The terms "global tour," "YouTube," and "teaser" ranked well in the group's keyword analysis, while the terms "reveal," "make a return," and "release" had the highest rankings among their connected terms. According to the K-Pop group's research of positivity and negativity, the positive response received by the audience was at a laudable 85.08 percent.

The K-Pop powerhouse is set to make its comeback after two long years with their upcoming album BORN PINK. BLINKs are in luck as the group is also scheduled to go on their global tour for their album starting October 2022.

Girls' Generation

With a brand reputation rating of 4,693,611, Girls' Generation moved up to second position, increasing their score by 84.01 percent over the previous month.This increase in the legendary group’s popularity can be attributed to their magnificent comeback with FOREVER21 after a five-year long hiatus on their fifteenth debut anniversary on august 5.



Bagging third place is the nonet K-Pop girl group, TWICE. The band improved by 23.83 percent from the previous month with a brand reputation index of 3,355,608. The previous month, the group announced its comeback with their eleventh mini-album Between 1&2. The album is set for its grand release on August 26, however its pre-bookings opened a month in advance on July 26.

The high ranking of the group is explained by the ongoing hubbub around the group as ONCEs eagerly await the comeback of their favorite group.

this is seriously the most TWICE teaser image TWICE has released in years
TWICE used their official colors on their comeback teaser poster, I- 😭❤️

IVE and Red Velvet bagged the fourth and fifth positions in the rankings with brand participation indices of 411,196, and 78,880 respectively.

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