BLACKPINK takes a step towards eco-friendly album consumption with BORN PINK

BLACKPINK takes another step towards climate change with their BORN PINK album (Image via YG Entertainment)
BLACKPINK takes another step towards climate change with their BORN PINK album (Image via YG Entertainment)

BLACKPINK's 2nd LP, BORN PINK, is the latest in the K-pop industry's shift towards reducing waste. The much-awaited album will take an environmentally conscious route. Soybean oil for ink, low-carbon paper, and biodegradable plastic will be used for their new LP album.

With K-pop fandoms voicing their concerns about the waste generated from millions of albums, the South Korean music industry started to pay attention. It's gradually becoming more comfortable with the idea of sustainable and eco-friendly packaging and materials for the inclusions, and has even introduced a whole new way of buying albums - a photocards-only album.

This is not the first time BLACKPINK has had merchandise manufactured with eco-friendly substances. Some of the quartet's 5th anniversary merch were also created from recyclable and non-toxic materials.

BLACKPINK's latest album BORN PINK goes the environmentally friendly route

After two years of waiting, BLACKPINK and YG Entertainment are making sure their next album release makes quite the wave. They have been successful, judging by their powerful concept teasers and 2022–23 world tour dates.

As ambassadors for Climate Change, the quartet ensured that they did their part in helping the environment. Acting on their words, BORN PINK, the group’s upcoming EP, was made from eco-friendly materials. Apart from the regular physical album version, they have also introduced a KiT version that does not include a CD.

The materials used in the album are low-carbon paper and ink made from soybean oil. For the packaging, extracted materials from cornstarch will be used for both plastic wrap and wrapping paper.

BORN PINK comes in three versions: A BOX version, a KiT version, and a Vinyl LP Limited Edition version.

The BOX version contains a CD, an 80-page photo book, an envelope, accordion lyrics paper, and 1 out of 4 random large photocards and postcards, 2 out of 8 random instant films, and 1 out of 8 random selfie photocards. It will also have a logo sticker and a poster for the first press only.

The KiT version has a KiT, a set of 12 square photocards, accordion lyrics paper, credit paper, 1 out of 4 random instant films, and 1 out of 4 pop-up cards as first press.

As for the Vinyl LP, the only information available for its inclusions now is the vinyl itself.

Fans praise BLACKPINK for the eco-friendly manufacturing of BORN PINK

BLINKs are proud of the quartet for using environmentally-friendly options for their upcoming album, calling them “eco-friendly queens.” Take a look at some of the reactions below:

In other news, YG Entertainment posted solo video teasers for PINK VENOM, the quartet’s pre-release single. The teasers show Jisoo, Rosé, Jennie, and Lisa presumably stuck inside a glass room. The first few seconds of the teaser also show the glass having cracks.

The teaser video and poster that surprised a majority of fans was Lisa’s. Quitting the bangs, the idol donned a new hairstyle that had fans gushing over it on social media.

PINK VENOM is slated for an August 19, 2022 release while BORN PINK will be released on September 16, 2022.

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