“I choked”: Girls’ Generation members dish on making a comeback after five years with “Forever 1”

Girls' Generation pose at the press conference of Forever 1 (Image via SM Entertainment)
Girls' Generation pose at the press conference of Forever 1 (Image via SM Entertainment)

The queens are back in business! On August 5, Girls’ Generation attended a press conference for the release of their seventh full album, FOREVER 1. The Gee girls dished on their first comeback as a group in five years, indicating towards the group's future direction and the concept of KWANGYA.

When asked what it was like to record together for the first time since Holiday Night, member YoonA shared that they have a track called Lucky Like That and that she was the last member to record her part. She further revealed that when she heard the members’ voice for the first time in a while, she got emotional and couldn't wait for fans to listen to it as well:

"There is a song called 'Lucky Like That'. It was the first song that we recorded, and I was the last member to record. In the recording booth, I listened to the recordings by the other members. When I first heard everyone's voices for the first time in a while, I choked up. I wanted to let our fans listen to it too as soon as possible."

Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon reveals the group’s concept is “The Goddesses of Sound”

Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon commented on the group’s concept “The Goddesses of Sound” in KWANGYA. She said that all SM Entertainment artists have their own stories and are still in the process of developing theirs. But even after 15 years since their debut, the group realized they needed more time to grasp the concept since a lot of members are now in different agencies:

“All SM artists have their own story. Girls' Generation's concept is 'The Goddesses of Sound'. But since there are some of us who are in different agencies, not everyone might know. The story is still in the development process, and so we also need more time to grasp it."

Leader Taeyeon also revealed that the present is most important to them and that they are committed to building what they will learn through experience following their comeback. She also added that the girls will continue to develop their “The Goddesses of Sound” concept with time.

The talented girl group members have released their new album, Forever 1, along with a music video of the same name. This album is Girls’ Generation’s first full-group comeback in five years, marking the celebration of the 15th anniversary of their debut.


The title track is a modern EDM pop sound with groovy tunes and lyrics that talk about the members following their hearts all this while and how they will always be together no matter what happens.

In the music video, Girls’ Generation members are shown enjoying their busy and popular lives, but they still take the time to enjoy each other's company. They also sing about their unwavering energy and love for SONEs.

Fans are absolutely loving Girls’ Generation’s comeback and the tweets are proof of the love they feel for the “queens of K-pop.”

As it is evident from the fan reactions and tweets, Girls’ Generation will always remain forever one for SONEs, the band's fandom name.

Fans also reminisced about the talented girl group’s 15-year-long journey by sharing some nostalgic throwback photos.

More about Girls’ Generation

Girls’ Generation, also known SNSD (Sonyeo Sidae), originally debuted as a nine-piece ensemble in 2007, with their single Into the New World. At present, the band comprises of eight members: Taeyeon, Sunny, Tiffany, Hyoyeon, Yuri, Sooyoung, YoonA, and Seohyun.

Considered to be among the most prominent idols in global music and pop culture, Girls' Generation has earned numerous accolades, including the honorific nickname - ‘The Nation's Girl Group’ in South Korea.

Traditionally known for their electropop and bubblegum pop sounds, over the years they have experimented with various sounds to incorporate other genres like EDM and R&B as well.

As of today, most members have left their home agency, SM Entertainment, and are pursuing their solo careers as singers and actors. Yoona is currently starring in MBC’s Big Mouth alongside Lee Jong-suk, Seohyun is acting opposite Na In-woo in Jinxed at First, and Sooyoung is paired opposite Ji Chang-wook in KBS’ If You Wish Upon Me.

The physical version of Forever 1 will release on August 8, 2022. Till then, stay tuned as we bring more news related Girls' Generation to you as 2022 progresses.

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