BLACKPINK Jisoo launches her own YouTube Channel in celebration of her birthday

BLACKPINK Jisoo kickstarts her own YouTube Channel (Image via Twitter/@ygent_family)
BLACKPINK Jisoo kickstarts her own YouTube Channel (Image via Twitter/@ygent_family)

On January 2, 2023, it was revealed that BLACKPINK Jisoo has started her own YouTube Channel under the id, sooyaa__. The channel is named "Haengbok Jisoo 103%" which translates to "Happiness Jisoo 103%." Less than an hour after the release of her first ever video, LONDON Vlog, the account has gained over 475 thousand subscribers and over five thousand views on the vlog.

In her vlog's description, it was also mentioned that all the profits obtained by the channel will be donated to charities. The rough translation of the description goes like this:

All the profits of Happiness Jisoo 103% chanel will be forwarded to places where help is needed. I hope everyon'es happiness index [spells as happiness Jisoo in Korean] goes up higher.


The name of the YouTube channel has heavy wordplay embedded in it. In Korean, Jisoo translates to "index" and BLACKPINK Jisoo's birthday falls on January 3, 2023. Since indices are often measured in percentages, Jisoo adds her own twist to them by increasing the percentage with the addition of her birth date. Fans loved the surprise she put forth and couldn't stop talking about it.

jisoo called her youtube channel happiness index 103% because her name also means index in korean and her bday is january 3rd NOW imagine how much creativity she’ll put into choosing the name for her solo album

"RUN IT UP": Fans can't stop gushing about BLACKPINK Jisoo starting her own YouTube channel

Following the news of the BLACKPINK Jisoo kickstarting her own YouTube channel, fans have showered her with their love and support. They expressed how proud and happy they are to be stanning an idol who opens up an entire channel and takes nothing out of its profits for herself.

the fact that jisoo will donate the profit of her youtube channel. my girl is the definition of beautiful inside and out 🥺🥺

Given Jisoo and BLACKPINK's popularity in the industry, the YouTube Channel is bound to receive a lot of attention. Counting Jisoo, all four BLACKPINK members now have their own YouTube accounts, and is typical of these YouTube channels, fans will now get to see other aspects of their idol's lives, which is always appreciated and garners a lot of views.

jisoo opened her youtube channel just one hour ago BUT she’s already the fastest kpop act to reach 100k subscribers and her channel is also qualified for silvers creator awards from youtube 😭
it’s so sweet that jisoo was the one who debuted on lisa’s youtube first and now lisa is the one debuting on jisoo’s youtube first, my best girls

In her first video, LONDON vlog, Jisoo can be seen documenting her time in London, when the K-pop girl group visited the city for their Born Pink World Tour. The idol showcased events in her life beyond the stage, making her video all the more adorable in the eyes of BLINKS.

From working out at the gym to walking the streets of London with her fellow member, LISA, fans had quite an eventful watch. The idol also plans to record more vlogs throughout BLACKPINK's Europe Tour, promising more content from her YouTube Channel in the future.

jisoo’s vlog is coming and now her solo is confirmed to be this year this just screams jisoo is about to open her own youtube channel and IM SAT
yg confirming her solojisoo releasing her youtube channelher channel surpassing 100k subscribers in 15 minher solo photobook being done2023 being the year of rabbits and we’re two days (three in some part of the world) into 2023

With the confirmation news of BLACKPINK Jisoo kickstarting her solo career with the release of her first album soon, fans are now rejoicing at the pile-up of content and eagerly waiting to see Jisoo take to the stage all by herself.

As BLACKPINK Jisoo moves forward with her YouTube Channel, there is much curiosity and excitement among fans about the kind of content that's awaiting them.

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