BLACKPINK Jisoo's 10 min Insta Live to check up on BLINKs melts fans' hearts 

BLACKPINK's Jisoo (Image via Google)
BLACKPINK's Jisoo (Image via Google)

BLACKPINK's oldest member Jisoo went live on Instagram on August 31, to spend the last day of the month with fans. This is a heartwarming thing that the K-pop idol does from time to time.

Hosting an Instagram live felt like an unfamiliar world to the idol. She switched off the live in about 10 minutes and took to the Weverse platform to converse freely with fans.

BLACKPINK's Jisoo goes live on Instagram and comes active on Weverse

BLINKs were in for a great surprise when the Instagram notifications chimed in, informing BLACKPINK's Jisoo's live.

The singer explained that she got off work, saw the rains and instantly thought about BLINKs. She garnered around 280,000 live viewers.

She showed off her new blonde hair and tried to talk to fans as much as she could. But as she was more accustomed to going live on another platform called Vlive, Instagram posed a hassle for the singer. She quickly ended the live (not forgetting to show love with finger hearts and sparkly eyes) and went online on Weverse.

Even though the Instagram live was awkward, Jisoo didn't stop at just that. She wanted to spend more time with fans, with led her to replying to fans comments and pictures on Weverse.

She first posted a sweet message and a wish saying:

"Our/My BLINK ya! It was so tough I ran away!! I should open that app again!!!!!! HahahaHave a good last day in August and let’s be happy together in September too!!! I love youHave a good last day in August and let's be happy together in September too!"
"haha I’m going to go now!!! Make sure to take your umbrella around when you go out!!!!!!!! I miss you always and I love youu hahaha Make sure to eat late-night snacks and sleep well"

In one post, a fan exclaimed, "Jisoo disappeared very quickly," regarding her Instagram Live. The singer replied again stating how difficult it was to use.

She even revealed that she deleted the app Vlive, only to now wanting to go back to it.

Vlive is officially closing down soon. Reports state it will merge with HYBE's fan-artist platform Weverse. However, Weverse does not have a live feature yet. There might be further developments in the app as Vlive is a K-pop idol's go-to platform to conduct lives.

Check out how BLINKs reacted to Jisoo's monthly check-up on them below:

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