BLACKPINK - The Movie trailer: Fans love Jennie in opening shot, want to console teary-eyed Lisa

The 8th Gaon Chart K-Pop Awards. (Getty Images)
The 8th Gaon Chart K-Pop Awards. (Getty Images)
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BLACKPINK - The Movie's main trailer was released on July 14 at 6 pm KST. This is the second movie to be released featuring the members of the K-pop girl group. Jisoo, Jennie, Rose, and Lisa will be a part of this film that looks back at the past five years of their lives.

The movie will be chronicling their journey, from their debut up to present day status as global stars. A lot has changed, and BLACKPINK members will be sharing some of their memories on camera. The film is slated to be released in theaters in August.

BLACKPINK - The Movie will most likely include Blinks as this was hinted at in the movie's main trailer. The underlying message is that Blinks will always be a part of BLACKPINK.

Why fans love Jennie's opening shot in BLACKPINK - The Movie main trailer

The opening shot in the movie's main trailer is of Jennie, and she is seen as a silhouette from behind. She enters a dark hall with a large screen that is lit up to display a shade of pink that fans of BLACKPINK are familiar with. The symbolism here is not lost on fans as many appreciated the shot and Jennie who was featured in it.

Many fans pointed out that Jennie was the backbone of the group. In an interview, she revealed that she had been a trainee for much longer than the current members of BLACKPINK.

At that time, Jennie had seen many fellow trainees quit and give up. She explained that this was the reason why she decided to take control. So fans felt that it was only fair that she be featured in this shot full of symbolism.

BLACKPINK - The Movie main trailer sees Lisa in tears

Fans have also noticed that at the end of BLACKPINK - The Movie's trailer Lisa is in tears. She thanked her fans for supporting her throughout and this has left Blinks emotional.

Lisa is the only member of BLACKPINK who is not a native. She is from Thailand and because of this, has been a target of racist attacks from trolls. She is currently set to debut as a solo artist, but before the official announcement was made, there had been talk of Lisa leaving YG Entertainment.

This time Lisa's fans were very supportive of her, and the BLACKPINK - The Movie's trailer hinted that Lisa may talk about how Blinks' support helped her overcome adversity.

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