"Lisa solo soon" trends online as BLACKPINK star reportedly begins filming for solo debut

The day of Lisa's solo quickly approaches, and fans cannot wait for D-Day (Image via Instagram)
The day of Lisa's solo quickly approaches, and fans cannot wait for D-Day (Image via Instagram)

BLACKPINK fans (or BLINKs) have taken over Twitter after reports stated that the girl group's member Lisa is supposedly filming for her solo release.

Previously, they had speculated and then demanded her departure from BLACKPINK due to a lack of news regarding her solo debut. They even trended the issue on Twitter.

The lack of communication from YG Entertainment had spread unrest among Lisa's fans, as they hoped for any kind of news concerning her.

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The timeline of debuts: Fans fed up with lack of news regarding Lisa and Jisoo

YG's 4-member girl group BLACKPINK has smashed records throughout its existence, which began in 2016. To further explore their potential, the label had Jennie from the group make her solo debut in 2018 with "Solo."

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As fans waited in anticipation, no major news broke out until 2019, when YG announced that Rosé, Jisoo, and Lisa would soon make solo debuts. Rosé then released her solo debut single "On the Ground" this March.

As time went on, fans grew angrier as any official news regarding Lisa and Jisoo remained out of reach. The label had stated in 2020 that Lisa's solo was fully prepared, and Jisoo was "currently preparing" for hers.

Earlier this month, on the 2nd, fans of Lisa spoke out against the supposed mistreatment of the K-pop idol. Many demanded or speculated that she leaves the group for her well-being, fuelling rumors of a departure.

Lisa filming for solo debut MV: Fans blow up on Twitter

Earlier today, i.e., July 12th, a news reporter on South Korea's OSEN claimed that Lisa would begin filming for the music video of her solo debut this week, which would supposedly come out in the summer.

Almost immediately, BLACKPINK fans began discussing the impending release on Twitter, inadvertently trending "Lisa solo soon" on the platform.

As Lisa's solo debut approaches, fans and non-fans alike are hyped about its eventual release. The 24-year-old has proven to be a triple-threat, with proficiency not only in dancing but singing and rap as well.

Over the years, she has been releasing project videos under the name "LILI's FILM," where she collaborates with reputed international choreographers and showcases her dancing prowess.

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Combined with the talent and skills she has displayed during her time with BLACKPINK, the result has been a catalyst in lifting the expectations of everyone following her work.

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