BTS’ 2039 time capsule on display at National Museum of Korean Contemporary History

BTS with South Korean President Moon Jae In at First Youth Day (Image via @TheBlueHouseENG/Twitter)
BTS with South Korean President Moon Jae In at First Youth Day (Image via @TheBlueHouseENG/Twitter)
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To commemorate Korea’s First Youth Day, BTS handed over a purple time capsule to South Korean President Moon Jae In in September 2020. The time capsule is in its signature Bangtan style - a big purple box with a white BTS logo. Another name for the capsule is Year 2039 Gift, and was handed over to the Blue House.

BTS’ time capsule is finally displayed at the National Museum of Korean Contemporary History. Kept safely in a big glass box, a screen above the box displays the BTS members' moving and inspirational speech as the first K-pop artists at Korea’s Youth Day.

What does BTS' time capsule contain and when will they open it?

The time capsule donated by @BTS_twt will be displayed in the permanent exhibition room at The National Museum of Korean Contemporary History from November 17th.The ‘time capsule’ is set to be open on 20th Youth day celebration in 2039. It was gifted to President Moon by BTS (+

According to Korea Herald, the box is on display on the fifth floor in the permanent exhibition hall at the museum. The time capsule measures 40 centimeters in length, 30 centimeters in width and 26 centimeters in depth. While not revealed in exact details, the box reportedly holds “objects related to young people”, remnants of BTS’ musical achievements, memories, their loyal fandom, and special messages to future generations.

#BTS @BTS_twt BTS attending the presidential Blue House to give a speech at the first "Youth Day" ceremony along with President Moon and leaving a present for the next generation in a time capsule? Sounds like Korea's pride and national treasure 😌👌💜

The septet even gave an inspirational speech at the First Youth Day, talking about their journey from nobodies to Billboard-topping artists. As advocates for the young generation, they gave them words of wisdom and encouragement too.

“We will give you encouragement so that you too can help and lean on each other. Like the youth of yesterday, like the youth of today, as you’ve always done. I hope you will keep going strong and never stop. I hope you can change the world with the power of your thoughts and in turn, become the beacons to guide the young people in the future.” - Jin

Watch BTS' Youth Day speech with English subtitles below:


BTS will open the time capsule 19 years later, in 2039, to mark Korea’s 20th Youth Day anniversary. When the group was first announced to hand over a time capsule, many fans felt intense emotions.

Fans realized that no matter what the future holds for the seven members, BTS will come together in their mid-40s and 50s to open up the box. Along with BTS, ARMYs will also get hit by a wave of nostalgia.

Some joked they would revive their once-stan Twitter account and celebrate the moment with their future family, and even create scenarios for meeting online friends after a decade or so. Meanwhile, some promised to continue staying online, spreading their positivity forever.

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