BTS’ agency sues people with “delusion and nonsensical logic" in new criminal complaints

BTS 'Butter' remix concept photo (Image via @BIGHIT_MUSIC/Twitter)
BTS 'Butter' remix concept photo (Image via @BIGHIT_MUSIC/Twitter)

On March 31, BIGHIT MUSIC updated fans about new criminal complaints against perpetrators defaming BTS. The agency sued people who engage in any malicious activities, including but not limited to defamation, sexual harassment, personal attacks, and rumors.

Among multiple criminal complaints, the agency has specifically sued two perpetrators for injuring the septet’s reputation. One perpetrator was sued after spreading malicious rumors about the group with “an intent for defamation and obstruction of business.”

Another perpetrator was sued for defamation for their posts containing rumors “grounded on serious levels of delusion and nonsensical logic,” stated the agency in its statement.

BIGHIT MUSIC updates fans about new criminal complaints suing perpetrators spreading malicious posts about BTS

BTS’ agency, BIGHIT MUSIC, regularly shares the status of new criminal complaints it makes against people spreading rumors about the septet. The company has yet again updated fans regarding the lawsuits, this time singling out two perpetrators and their deeds

One of the perpetrators is booked under the Criminal Act, Article 314 (1). Under the act, the person may be fined up to 15 million KRW or five years in prison. The act penalizes people who obstruct a business with malicious intent. The perpetrator was found to have injured the group’s reputation by spreading multiple rumors.

Another perpetrator, who some fans believe to be the infamous YouTuber Sojang, was also sued by the agency on the grounds of defamation. They had posted “false information” against the septet based on “delusional and nonsensical logic” on YouTube, DC Inside, online forums, and social media sites, among other platforms.

The agency reiterated that it maintains a strict policy of no leniency and no settlement against malicious posters. The statement ended by asking fans to continue using its hotline email ID to report malicious posts.

Fans were supportive of the agency and reacted positively to the news. Many also commented about users they had seen spreading rumors about the group or certain members in the tweet’s reply section.

Many fans also believe that the words “delusion” and “nonsensical logic” hint toward toxic fan shippers who make analysis videos speculating, fueling the conversation about two members sharing and hiding a romantic relationship.

In other news, BIGHIT MUSIC is all set to turn Las Vegas into a BTS city, complete with themed hotel room stays, entertainment, concert after-party, food, and even fountain shows. Before the 'Permission To Dance On Stage' concert, the group will perform at the 64th Grammy Awards.

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