HYBE updates fans on lawsuits against malicious activities towards BTS and other artists

K-pop group BTS (Image via @bts_bighit/Twitter)
K-pop group BTS (Image via @bts_bighit/Twitter)

On December 29, HYBE released statements updating fans about the lawsuits for malicious activities against BTS, TXT, SEVENTEEN, ENHYPEN and NU’EST. The company consistently takes note of misinformation, false accusations and vicious rumors spread against its artists and proceeds with strict legal actions.

Though the statements do not specify names or misdeeds, they broadly cover rumors, ill-intentioned criticism, personal attacks and such activities. HYBE also updated fans by giving details regarding the lawsuit to show potential abusers that the company does not take things lightly.

Court rules in favor of HYBE against malicious commentators spreading misinformation of BTS and other artists

Inarguably the biggest K-pop company, HYBE doesn’t take vicious comments or personal attacks lightly. The company has proven it once again by updating fans on its recent lawsuit against the perpetrators, spreading ill-intentioned criticism and personal attacks on BTS and other artists SEVENTEEN, ENHYPEN, TXT and NU’EST.

BIGHIT MUSIC, the label under HYBE that manages BTS, stated that they have filed additional criminal complaints. They also explicitly named three platforms on which they have majorly found negative comments which are YouTube, an infamous South Korean internet forum, DC Inside, and Daum Cafe.

Excerpt from BIGHIT MUSIC’s statement:

“Even if the suspect does not use a separate account (name/nickname), he/she is subject to prosecution, and for the suspect who changes his/her nickname periodically, we submitted a complaint by synthesizing the data written on the nickname used so far through real-time monitoring and account tracking. An additional complaint was filed against the suspect who continued to engage in malicious behavior without reflection even though he was previously accused.”

HYBE additionally revealed that a recent lawsuit was ruled in their favor. In damages, the court penalized the perpetrator with nine million KRW (approximately 7,564 USD). They further strictly worded the statement:

“We will collect the amount of compensation until the end, and let those who commit the crime know that they cannot be exempted from responsibility not only criminally but also civilly, so that they bear heavy responsibility for their actions.”

HYBE has released similar statements taking legal action against the perpetrators of SEVENTEEN, TXT, ENHYPEN and NU’EST from their respective labels. They also thanked fans for their continuous support in reporting malicious incidents and asked them to continue using their hotlines.

Here are each group’s contact email IDs for reporting abuse against their artists:

A couple of days ago, BTS' V told fans on Weverse that he would be taking legal action against a YouTuber spreading misinformation about him and other K-pop artists. The same YouTuber recently came under the radar for posting "evidence" about BTS' Jungkook and actress Lee Yoo Bi dating, which were later denied by both agencies.

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