BTS Army donate the money of concert tickets to help Ukraine

Army help raise funds for Ukraine (Image via BTS/ Twitter)
Army help raise funds for Ukraine (Image via BTS/ Twitter)

As the BTS' peaceful influence in the world grows, the group has encouraged many fans to spread kindness.

All 300,000 tickets for the group's concert Permission to Dance on Stage - Las Vegas were sold out almost instantly during the BTS Global Official Fanclub Army Membership Presale on March 3, according to reports.

Fans found it difficult to purchase tickets for the previous concert in Korea, so many chose to attend the Las Vegas show instead. However, some fans were unable to obtain tickets this time as well. After that, many fans donated money from their ticket refunds to help Ukraine.

BTS Army raise funds to help Ukraine

Several of these fans chose to give money from their tickets to charitable organizations in Ukraine. As one Army put it,

"Hoseok, I was unable to obtain a ticket. But I'm glad you'll be able to witness other armies. Let's meet again in ten years. It's quite difficult (to get a ticket). My heart hurts. I donated the money for the ticket. I made a donation to the Ukrainian Embassy...PEACE"

Another army stated,

"Despite the fact that I was unable to obtain a ticket, I am now in possession of additional funds. As a result, I donated the proceeds from the ticket to Ukrainian children. I intend to spend this money on happiness, so I believe it is only fair that it be put to good use."

One fan expressed,

"I was unable to obtain a ticket for the 'Speak Yourself' concert too and gave the funds to UNICEF. I was once again unsuccessful in obtaining tickets. I remembered that time and decided to contribute the ticket money so I wouldn't feel really bad. I'll consider my next opportunity and cheer you on from afar. I'm looking forward to seeing you guys perform on stage. I purple you."

Many more fans contributed their ticket money to Ukraine in order to help them in every manner possible with the $1 million UN project by BTS Army. Some have even offered to help them in their home country.

This isn't the first time Army has given money from ticket refunds. BTS member Suga motivated fans to donate in March 2020, when he donated 100 million SKW, which is about $83,000, to the coronavirus relief work in his hometown of Daegu, which had been hardest hit by the outbreak. Following that, fans donated money from their ticket refunds to the Corona relief fund as well.

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