BTS zodiac signs: Compatibility, birthdays, age, and more

A look at the BTS members' zodiac signs and what they say (Image via BTS/Twitter)
A look at the BTS members' zodiac signs and what they say (Image via BTS/Twitter)
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Astrology can reveal a lot about how each member contributes to the BTS charm. Zodiac signs, according to astrology, capture your essence, aura, and overall personality, as well as determining compatibility between various zodiac signs.

This is one of the best ways to learn more about BTS and your compatibility with each member of the BTS Army, especially if you believe in astrology.

It's much easier to understand how BTS works so well together once you know everyone's zodiac sign. Their success has always been written by the stars.

Each of the 12 signs of the zodiac has its own personality traits, strengths, weaknesses, and characteristics.

To clarify, your Sun sign is linked to your exact date of birth, and it is what most people refer to when they inquire about your zodiac sign. This is linked to your core personality and psychological profile, and it provides insight into what matters to you throughout your life.

Here are the compatibility factors for BTS members based on their zodiac signs, birthdays, age, personality, real names, and more.

BTS zodiac signs and compatibility check

1) V - Capricorn (December 30, 1995)

26-year-old singer V’s real name is Kim Taehyung.

Capricorn is the zodiac sign with the most ambition and dedication. Capricorn is reserved and patient, with a strong desire to build a solid foundation in life.

This often leads them to become especially hardworking, focused on achieving career and financial success. V exemplifies perfectly a member of Korea's most talented and wealthiest K-Pop boy group BTS, who is constantly improving his skills.

On the other hand, Capricorn values strong long-term relationships and a family life that feels like personal accomplishments.

BTS V created the phrase I Purple You in 2016. V explained at the time that this means that I will trust and love you for a long time. This shows how much he values his fans.

Despite this, Capricorns have a strong sense of humor when it comes to connecting with others, and V portrays them all. In many interviews, he talked about his father, and he is a very entertaining member of the group. He is constantly striving to be the best version of himself.

He's also known for being a one-of-a-kind individual. This is understandable because Capricorns prefer to forge their path.

V's compatible signs are Virgos, which is also Jungkook's and RM's zodiac sign, and they get along so well as a group. Furthermore, other Capricorns admire and respect this sign's drive, and they understand the desire to be perfect.

Scorpios are well aware that there is more to this sign than meets the eye, as they are frequently misinterpreted.

2) Jungkook - Virgo (September 1, 1997)

Jungkook's real name is Jeon Jeongguk, pronounced similarly to his stage name. He is 24-years-old.

He's known as the "Golden Maknae" by some. He can sing and dance and is also the youngest member of BTS.

Virgos are strategic, skilled, and always willing to put forth the effort necessary to make their dreams come true. Because Jungkook is highly talented in various areas such as art, photography, sports, cooking, etc., his Virgoan nature is readily apparent.

Virgos are practical, hardworking, and analytical, and they excel at assessing the details of any situation and devising solutions to problems.

Jungkook is a perfectionist, as he has proven it repeatedly with songs such as his recent record-breaking single Stay Alive.

Virgos are kind, grounded, and trustworthy people eager to assist anyone they care about who is in need. Jungkook, as a golden maknae, is always willing to help, kind, and sensitive at times.

jungkook in white tee and jogger jeans

Capricorn is Jungkook's compatible zodiac sign, who shares Virgo's love of hard work and setting goals. Given that Capricorn is also V's zodiac sign, it's clear that the two have a strong bond.

Taurus and Scorpio, aside from Capricorn, are passionate and trustworthy potential partners. Virgo admires that these signs have their code of conduct to live by.

3) Jimin - Libra (October 13, 1995)

Jimin's real name is Park Jimin, and he is 26-years-old.

Venus, a planet of beauty and art, rules Libras, explaining Jimin's effortless elegance. His training as a contemporary dancer sets him apart. He set a Spotify record for three songs with more than 50 million streams each, which he has since surpassed with more than 100 million streams each.

Libras are charming, social, and diplomatic, and they place a high value on peace and balance. In life and their relationships, they strive for fairness.

Libras are gifted communicators who are also skilled negotiators. They tend to rationalize their emotions, but highly sensitive individuals.

jimin's habit of appearing behind the door during member's lives 😭

Jimin has given valuable advice to his fans on numerous occasions, and his love for the group is evident in his constant communication with his members.

Libra is Jimin's compatible sign, partnering with another Libra is probably the most logical choice. His zodiac signs can also go along with an Aries or an Aquarius, as they provide an interesting challenge and mental stimulation. Aquarius is J-Hope's zodiac sign as well.

4) Suga - Pisces (March 9, 1993)

28-years-old Suga’s real name is Min Yoongi.

Thanks to his witty remarks, he's also known as the group's sassiest and most savage member. Suga is a Pisces associated with mystery, empathy, and vulnerability.

After all, he's regarded as one of BTS's most reserved members. He's also been candid about his health, and he seems to be sensitive to other people's feelings.

Suga exemplifies Pisceans' compassionate and non-decisional nature, particularly through his striking lyrics on his Agust D mixtapes, which dive into those relatable topics. Pisces are often old souls who are imaginative, intuitive, and emotional.

Have you seen a cuter picture??? Suga can do no wrong in my eyes 😅✨

Scorpio admires Pisces' ability to think and live abstractly, which aligns with Ridout's assessment that Pisces requires a partner who can navigate the world with them while diving deep into spiritual and artistic endeavors and, while it may come as a surprise, Capricorn makes an excellent partner for Pisces, the ultimate example of how opposites attract. Capricorn is also V's Zodiac sign.

5) Jin - Sagittarius (December 4, 1992)

Jin's real name is Kim Seokjin, and he is 29-years-old.

He's known as Mr. Worldwide Handsome. He's the singer and the group's oldest member. Some fans refer to him as BTS's funny and caring mother.

Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter, who is expansive and larger-than-life, which explains Jin's wit and outspokenness. Fans frequently refer to Jin as BTS's funniest member, and it's easy to see why after watching a few BTS interviews.

Jin enjoys telling goofy dad jokes and doesn't take himself too seriously, so he has no hesitation about making a self-deprecating joke to divert attention away from another member's infrequent mishap. His allure emerges from his ability to make everyone laugh, as a true Sagittarius should.

Sagittarians, bold, spontaneous, and optimistic, are drawn to expansion and exploration. They refuse to be confined and yearn for all that life offers.

Sagittarians were born to be free, and their happy energy frequently brings them good fortune, which says a lot about Jin's personality.

Jin's compatible signs include another Sagittarius or a Gemini, both of which would fit in well with Jin's inquisitive and energetic personality. Aries is another sign that enjoys being active and may lend a steady, guiding hand when needed.

6) J-Hope - Aquarius (February 18, 1994)

Jung Hoseok is the real name of 28-year-old singer J-Hope.

Jung Hoseok chose his stage name to give his fans hope and happiness. Since his debut with BTS, he's made a name for himself as a talented rapper, songwriter, and dancer.

Aquarius is a highly social, intellectual, quirky, and eccentric zodiac sign that belongs to the element of air. Anyone who knows J-Hope knows he has a big personality and is the K-pop group's most extroverted member.

It's worth noting that Aquarians care deeply about humanity and have a strong sense of community. This explains why J-Hope has a strong bond with his fans, who refer to him as their sunshine. And besides,

"I'm your hope, you're my hope, I'm J-Hope."

He loves telling them.

2 years ago today, when Jung Hoseok went viral as “the guy in the middle” and everyone fell inlove with him. ♡ #JHOPE

Aquarians are intellectual, self-reliant, and contemplative, and they are often intensely focused on their beliefs and ideas. They are open to new ideas, but they will not budge from their position once they have found their core analysis.

Aquarius is compatible with J-Hope's zodiac sign and is best matched with another Aquarius or a Gemini who is similarly energetic and nimble-minded. Libra, a lover of research and a proponent of fairness, also embodies Aquarius' humanitarian instincts. Jimin's Zodiac sign is also Libra.

7) RM - Virgo (September 12, 1994)

27-years-old singer RM’s real name is Kim Namjoon.

Kim Namjoon is a rapper and BTS leader who goes by the stage name RM.

Mercury, the planet of communication, rules Virgos, so it's no surprise that RM was born under this analytical and intelligent zodiac sign. After all, during English-speaking interviews, he frequently acts as a translator for the rest of the group, demonstrating his mercurial nature.

when namjoon does this pose

Virgos also have a way with words. Everyone knows RM has bars and is well-known for being a gifted rapper.


Capricorn is RM's compatible zodiac sign because they value hard work and setting goals. Taurus and Scorpio are potential partners who are passionate and trustworthy. Virgo admires that these signs have their code of conduct to live by, even if they don't share the same North Star.

BTS is, without a doubt, one of the most successful bands in history. K-pop fans are fully justified in their adoration, with so much history under their belt.


It's only natural to want to know everything there is to know about V, Jungkook, Jimin, Suga, Jin, J-Hope, and RM, with seven different members to adore over and the zodiac signs provide you with plenty of information to work with.

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