"This is one of our best songs": Chris Martin opens up about The Astronaut, relationship with BTS, and more

BTS and Coldplay
BTS and Coldplay for My Universe (Image via James Marcus Haney)

BTS and Coldplay have once again shown off their incredible bond, with Chris Martin gifting Jin his debut solo single, The Astronaut, before he enlists in the military.

Jin also joined the Yellow singers at their Music of The Spheres concert in Argentina to perform The Astronaut live. While sharing with ARMYs (BTS fandom) about the postponement of military enlistment decisions, he also shared the details behind The Astronaut and how rigorous it was to record the track. Unsurprisingly, Jin managed to win hearts with the song and even made everyone emotional with the music video and his beautiful voice.

The second collaboration between Coldplay and BTS, first being My Universe, was widely celebrated and also displayed the bond shared by the two boy bands. Undoubtedly, BTS and Coldplay are brothers, and the Hymn For The Weekend group has the best things to say about the K-pop mega group.

Chris Martin and BTS' Jin win hearts with their special bond at Coldplay's Argentina concert

During their Music of the Spheres concert in Argentina, Coldplay's frontman shared a sweet message for BTS members and Jin, who was there to perform his latest single, The Astronaut, live for the first time. Before calling Jin to the stage, Chris said:

"And so, about six months ago, one of their members called me up and he said, ‘I have to leave the band in December for two years, I have to join the army in Korea because that’s the rule.’ And he said, ‘I need a song that says goodbye to everybody for a little while."

He added how the Abyss singer asked him for a song that said goodbye to all his fans for a little while. Moreover, not only did Chris help with the writing but also gifted Jin with one of their best songs for the ARMYs.

He added:

"And then this song arrived, and I was like, ‘This is one of our best songs. Let’s give it to this gentleman.‘ And he’s flown all the way here from Korea."

Chris also wished him luck for his military service, and loudly cheered for Jin, calling him 'his brother from his band of brothers.' He said:

"So for a couple of years, he has to go and join the army, which is serious stuff, and we hope it goes okay. But please give the biggest and most wonderful welcome to our brother from our band of brothers. This is ‘The Astronaut,’ and this is Jin."

The magical concert was a never-seen experience for many fans as they watched Jin sing his heart out, Chris Martin's sweet words for the Dynamite band, and the surroundings turning purple to honor Jin's attendance.

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