"Drummer Jungkook is coming back": BTS ARMY believes Jungkook will comeback as a Drummer after being seen at the airport with drumsticks

K-pop artist BTS Jungkook Proof Concept Photo Door ver. (Image via @bts_bighit/Twitter)
K-pop artist BTS Jungkook Proof Concept Photo Door ver. (Image via @bts_bighit/Twitter)

BTS Jungkook was reportedly photographed at Incheon Airport during his journey to the United States. There, he will meet the President and other BTS members to address anti-Asian hate crimes and echo the significance of diversity and inclusion.

The ARMYs were delighted to have seen the Stay Alive singer on his journey to rejoin the other members of BTS. On the other hand, the singer was seen with a Drumstick case. Fans instantly noted that he appeared to be holding what appeared to be a drumstick case when he arrived at the airport, and it rapidly spread on social networks.

ARMY shares their excitement over the speculation of Drummer Jungkook in the upcoming BTS comeback


The incredibly talented singer has previously dazzled ARMYs with his drumming abilities throughout shows, memorably during his Dynamite performance at last year's Grammys.

ARMYs are thrilled over the possibility of the BTS drummer's return, and this is how they expressed their joy on social media.

jungkook with a drumsticks case!! drummer jungkook coming soon 🥳
can't wait for drummer Jungkook to make a comeback !!!#JK
and when drummer jungkook makes a comeback i’m so HERE for it
When drummer jungkook comes back…

The singer has consistently demonstrated his various talents. There's nothing the Stay Alive singer can't do, according to ARMYs. Fans were ecstatic to learn that Golden Maknae might make a drummer appearance in the upcoming comeback.

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BTS will be meeting with President Biden and delivering a speech on anti-Asian hate crimes at the White House. The Stay Alive singer left the day ahead of the rest of the group.

' Have a safe flight Jungkook ' began trending at number 1 as soon as the singer arrived at Incheon Airport. Fans cheered the singer on a safe journey as he owned the top two global trends. However, Drummer Jungkook is ranked at 2. With more than 1.2 million tweets, the Stay Alive singer gained traction in over 75 countries, including the United States and India.

Jungkook after today’s airport appearance.

The Stay Alive singer looked fashionable in a plain white tee and black pants. The singer's photos from Incheon Airport, where he was departing for the United States, have featured in numerous publications complimenting his charisma and stylish flair that made fans' hearts flutter.

While he continued to welcome and bow down 90 degrees in front of everyone, the singer won accolades from the Korean media and fans.

Meanwhile, Pink Sweat$ met with several Korean celebrities this weekend at the Seoul Jazz Festival, including BTS Jungkook. The American singer is presently in Seoul for the yearly music festival, where he headlined the first day of performances on May 27.

Pink Sweat$ eventually took to TikTok over the weekend to post a lovely video of him enjoying with the Stay Alive singer and taking pictures together. The excitement among fans was evident after the post.

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