BTS' Golden Maknae Jungkook looks adorable in Beyoncé's Virgo yearbook

Beyoncé at Barclays Center and Jungkook BE Concept photo (Images via Google and Twitter/BigHit)
Beyoncé at Barclays Center and Jungkook BE Concept photo (Images via Google and Twitter/BigHit)

What would a BTS X Beyoncé collab look like? The iconic American pop star's Virgo season yearbook shows an adorable baby Jungkook with a toothy smile. This is the closest interaction fans have seen of the two biggest names in the music industry, and they can't wait to see some more.

Jungkook - The star of Beyoncé's Virgo yearbook

One of the biggest names in the music industry has shown how irresistible the Golden Maknae's charm is. In a completely unexpected turn of events, fans found out that the youngest BTS member, Jeon Jungkook, has been featured on Beyoncé's website, in the Virgo season yearbook section.

This exciting news comes after famous producer Sleep Deez revealed that Beyoncé loves Jungkook's solo song from BE, titled My Time.

Jungkook celebrates his birthday on September 1, making him a part of the Virgo family, which houses stars like Blake Lively, Zendaya and more. Jungkook's charming baby photos in a black and white grid structure feature alongside Jennifer Hudson and Jada Pinkett Smith.

The season yearbook celebrates the birthdays of all Virgos, calling them hard-working, creative, reliable, patient and kind. ARMYs awoke to this surprise today and have since then been showcasing their affection for Jungkook on Twitter.

What makes this more interesting, is that, as only childhood celebrity photos are used, ARMYs suspect that Beyoncé must have contacted HYBE for it. Does that mean a possible BTS X Beyoncé collab might happen in the future? Well, that's what the fans think.

Check out some reactions below:

ARMYs upset over the yearbook not including RM

While some are ecstatic over Jungkook's addition to the Virgo yearbook, many fans are upset over the exclusion of the BTS leader, RM. Also known as Kim Nam-joon, the artist celebrates his birthday on September 12, making him a part of the Virgo family too.

ARMYs are visibly upset over this, as they continue to ask why the talented leader wasn't added.

Check out some reactions from fans below:

The reason why RM doesn't hold a coveted place in Beyoncé's yearbook isn't known yet, but that hasn't stopped ARMYs from celebrating Jungkook's incredible feat. After all, not anyone can get a chance to feature in a legendary singer's yearbook.

Other celebrities in the season yearbook include Blake Lively, Zendaya, Nick Jonas, Prince Harry, Ludacris, Cameron Diaz and more.

With a little taste of what a BTS interaction with Beyoncé can include, there will definitely be a storm if they announce a collaboration.

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