Watch: BTS’ Jungkook teases new song ‘Left and Right’ with Charlie Puth 

BTS' Jungkook and Charlie Puth (Image via Twitter/@charlieputh)
BTS' Jungkook and Charlie Puth (Image via Twitter/@charlieputh)
Anwaya Mane

BTS’ Jungkook will be reuniting with Charlie Puth for a new song! On June 17, Charlie Puth dropped a surprise video on TikTok announcing that he is collaborating with Bangtan's youngest member on a new song titled Left and Right.

The video takes the form of a short skit with Charlie Puth asking the BTS member on call:

“Hey man, what does it sound like when you sing ‘memories follow me left and right?'”

To which he nonchalantly replies and proceeds to sing:

“Sure, that’s easy, do you mean like this?”

In the next set of sequences, Charlie Puth gives further directions, which the Bangtan member duly follows, before the lines piece together to form a short snippet of a song that sounds absolutely magical in his sweet voice.

The video ends with Charlie Puth saying:

“This is going to be crazy.”

Check out the video below:

What if Jungkook sang Left and Right with me? Pre-save link in bio.

BTS’ Jungkook’s exciting collaboration with Charlie Puth will drop on June 24 if it gets 500,000 pre-saves

First peak at Left and Right by Jungkook and Charlie Puth!#JungkookxCharliePuthLeft and Right is coming!

While ARMYs are excited about the My Time singer's exciting new collaboration with Charlie Puth, one of his role models, it comes with a catch.

Charlie Puth teased in the caption:

“What if Jungkook sang Left and Right with me? Pre-save link in bio.”

The American singer promised that if the song got 500,000 pre-saves, he would release it on June 24. His new collaboration with the Bangtan member will feature on his upcoming album, Charlie.

Earlier on June 5, Charlie Puth performed at the iHeart Radio Wango Tango concert.

He dropped a major hint regarding his collaboration with the BTS member in an interview with 102.7KIISFM, further confirming fans’ suspicions of an impending collaboration.

“I heard that too, and everybody in my camp doesn't know the day it comes out. We legitimately have no idea of the day it comes out. We do, but like we just figured it out."
📸 [NEW] 📸Charlie Puth's 'on tour photographer' posted a picture of Charlie and Jungkook from MBC Genie Music Awards 🎤📌Link - (…) @BTS_twt #정국 #JUNGKOOK #BTS #MGA2018

The Still With You singer has always expressed his admiration for Charlie Puth. The two talented artists teamed up at the 2018 MBC Genie Music Awards, where they performed the former’s hit track, We Don’t Talk Anymore.

This collaboration marks their second time teaming up with each other and their first time collaborating on an original song together.

Check out ARMYs reaction to BTS Jungkook’s collaboration with Charlie Puth

ARMYs and Charlie Puth’s fans are absolutely stoked to see these two global singers collaborate with one another yet again.

“JungkookxCharliePuth,” “Jungkook,” and “LEFT AND RIGHT IS COMING” took over worldwide Twitter trends as fans urged each other to pre-save the song so that it officially drops on June 24.

🐰: "Memories follow me left & rightI can feel you over hereI can feel you over hereYou take up every corner of my mind"#JungkookxCharliePuth #JUNGKOOK @BTS_twt

Indian singer-songwriter Armaan Malik too expressed his excitement upon hearing this news.

CP x JK. You’re kidding me? This is gonna break the internet 🔥🔥…

BTS Jungkook’s recent VLive raises HYBE’s stock prices

Bangtan's youngest member certainly has the Midas touch! The Euphoria singer showed off his impact and influence as HYBE's stock prices began to rise sharply after his recent VLive.

For the unversed, on June 15, HYBE’s market cap dropped to 2.2 trillion won after BTS announced its plans to temporarily halt group activities, causing major panic amongst fans and netizens.

A Korean media outlet revealed that HYBE’s stock prices rebounded sharply at a 7.59 percent increase.

K-Media reported that the stock price of HYBE, which had been weak after news of BTS suspending group activities, began to rise sharply after Jungkook's Vlive. They mentioned the impact of Jungkook as "HYBE is seeing the effect of Jungkook, the main vocalist of BTS."

The Bangtan member's recent VLive garnered 8 million views in real-time as fans all over the world tuned in to watch his livestream.

He has trended in a total of 90 countries with a number 1 ranking worldwide and the U.S.

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