BTS to launch a brand new game 'BTS Island: In the Seom': All you need to know

The septet's characters for the upcoming game (Image via @INTHESEOM_BTS)
The septet's characters for the upcoming game (Image via @INTHESEOM_BTS)

BTS is going to release a brand new story-based game, 'BTS Island: In the SEOM', in the summer of 2022.

The game is co-created by the septet and will feature the story of seven friends living on an island. It will make use of fun, addictive puzzles, and more. The pre-registration for the game will begin on April 26, and will be available for purchase in the summer of 2022.

The game was announced during the septet's Permission to Dance Las Vegas show through Twitter and Instagram posts. Many fans have already started registering for the game. However, more information regarding the game will be revealed later.

Concept of BTS' new game


The game is expected to carry a puzzle concept, where fans will be able to decorate the island with seven members as chibi characters.

The announcement was accompanied by a teaser video featuring the members playing the game.

Based on the teaser, the game seems to be a combination of Candy Crush and, the social simulation video game, Animal Crossing. It features seven characters modeled after the members and consists of easy-going tasks and puzzles to keep the players engaged.

As of now, the identities of the game's developers are unclear. However, they took to Instagram to announce the project and reveal the members’ participation in the co-creation process.

"We are happy to have gotten the chance to work directly with the members to develop the game! They helped us develop the characters to reflect each member's unique personality."

They further added:

"We also got to get their creative input on the story, art and even add some of their personal tastes to the game's puzzles...We hope you find all the creative contributions from the members when you play the game! Let's have fun together."

The septet has released games in collaboartion with Netmarble in the past

The Dynamite singers have previously collaborated with Netmarble, a South Korean company, to release the BTS World mobile game in June 2019. They also released a new game, BTS Universe Story, with the developer in 2020. The game’s main feature is a 'Create Story' mode in which fans can use the app's production tools to write and share stories about the members, as well as a 'Play Story' mode in which they can explore stories created by other players and the development team.

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