BTS’ V poses for a delightful snap with “bestie” Lee Jung-jae

BTS' V poses with Lee Jung-jae (Image via Instagram/@from_jjlee)
BTS' V poses with Lee Jung-jae (Image via Instagram/@from_jjlee)

It is not unknown to fans that BTS’ V is a lovable social butterfly who can befriend anyone, irrespective of age and gender.

On August 19, Squid Game actor Lee Jung-jae took to Instagram to share a photo featuring his new "bestie", BTS' V. In the candid selca, both the stars can be seen flaunting their good looks as they smile for the camera.

The fandom has its own inside jokes about the Stigma singer, such as how the actor can so easily befriend people and become their "bestie."

BTS' V is seen winking while holding up the 'V' sign in the selca, with Lee Jung Jae by his side holding the camera.

BTS’ V and Lee Jung-jae: Fans shower the two Korean stars with love

The reunion of the two Korean megastars delighted fans. This isn’t the first time the two have taken a selfie together. Lee Jung-jae and BTS’ V met in December 2021 as well. The Squid Game actor made ARMYs happy by sharing a sweet photo of them.

Fans showered both of them with love and support on Twitter after the drop of the new selca.

Fans are in awe of their amazing friendship despite the considerable age difference between them, and have noticed that V loves to do the "peace sign".

Most ARMYs are also sharing how BTS member V is the "most in-demand" Korean celebrity as a result of his unrivaled popularity, as evidenced by these fan reactions.

They are also manifesting a special appearance of the Singularity singer in Squid Game season 2 so that we can see these two Korean stars on screen together.

It is also interesting to note that both Korean stars opened their personal Instagram accounts last year.

Lee Jung-jae launched his private Instagram account in October last year after the stupendous success of Squid Game season1 and BTS’ V opened his personal Instagram account in December along with his other Bangtan teammates.

The Bangtan star is currently the most followed male K-pop idol on Instagram with a staggering 50 million followers.

The two stars have been a part of “mutual admiration society” and have spoken about how they are fans of each other’s work. Lee Jung-jae shared that he loves listening to BTS's music.

BTS member V rocked a masked guard cosplay from Squid Game during BTS’ recent 'PERMISSION TO DANCE ON STAGE' concerts in Los Angeles, California, paying tribute to the record-breaking show in his own little way.

BTS’ V is ‘The Most Viewed Wikipedia Page for a Korean Solo Artist' for 19 consecutive months

BTS’ V proves yet again why he is considered the most desirable K-pop idol by fans and media alike.

It has been revealed that V is' The Most Viewed Wikipedia Page for a Korean Solo Artist 'for 19 consecutive months now, with over 27.4 million views.

He was also ranked first among K-pop idols for the month of July in the aforementioned category, with a total of 179,900 page views and an average of about 5,800 page views per day, ranking alongside K-drama Extraordinary Attorney Woo and its stars.

BTS member V is currently prepping for his debut solo album as Bangtan announced a break from group activities at Festa Dinner in June.

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