BTS’ V posts a VMIN selfie after nearly two years, leaves the fandom in chaos

BTS' V and Jimin (Image via BTS/Weverse)
BTS' V and Jimin (Image via BTS/Weverse)

On February 1, BTS’ V posted a selfie with Jimin - a VMIN selca - and left the entire ARMY fandom in shambles. He uploaded two photos, one with the group and one, a selca (Korean slang word for "selfie camera," meaning "selfie") with Jimin. The ‘95-liners and high school friends are fondly called VMIN, and fans yearn for any public display of affection by them.

ARMYs even counted the exact days when they received the last selca of the duo, which was posted 609 days ago. The selfie left many bewildered, and soon, VMIN started trending on Twitter.

“Feels like a fever dream”: The BTS VMIN selca takes ARMYs by storm

BTS’ 1995-born members, V and Jimin, chose to post a selfie after nearly one and a half years. V posted photos of the group all suited up at the American Music Awards 2021 and a photo with Jimin, calling them his family. The awards ceremony was imprinted on the fandom’s mind as the group made history, but now it holds another significant importance.

With slicked hair, sharp features looking good under pink lighting, the photo went into the small ‘VMIN selcas Hall of Fame’ fans had created. They also compared it to a fever dream and quickly made multiple memes on it, expressing how the picture held a special place in their hearts.

The last V and Jimin interaction ARMYs had seen was the duo livestreaming on November 28 last year. The maknae line Vlive was completed once Jungkook joined the duo, leading to fun, chaotic moments. However, fans even noticed that the last time the ‘95-liners held a livestream was in March of 2016.

VMIN's friendship is dear to the ARMY fandom. The reaction was seen when the song Friends, in Map of the Soul:7 album, written for and about V and Jimin’s friendship, received an incredible response. It contained anecdotes from their school times and their promise of staying together. The song was co-written and produced by Jimin.

With a ton of BTS content released, fans caught moments of the duo being best friends as they supported each other through their time together. From encouraging V to busk in a foreign country, to Jimin hugging V under a sky full of stars that made him tear up, fans shared multiple memories while celebrating the selfie.

Meanwhile, Jimin was recently reported to have tested positive for COVID and undergone a successful appendectomy. Three members before Jimin - RM, SUGA, and Jin - also contracted the virus and recovered successfully in a fortnight.

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